My Quotes


Let your emotions guide your thinking but, trust your intuition to decide.


The secret to love programming lies directly in your ability to laugh. A lot! At yourself and at your mistakes.


History does not comprise of facts but of a collective perception.


Whatever be the purpose of my life, I know that, I’m not here to fix the world!


To hate love and to love hate is the same thing.


If you fear death, how do you sleep at night? You are closest to the state of death when asleep.


Strive to be different in what you are than what you have; who you want to be rather than what you want to get.


Waiting to get something you want is easier than waiting to get rid of something you don’t want.


The greatest form of love is acceptance and the greatest form of devotion is true friendship.


We tend to forget the real purpose. And that’s the biggest failure in life.


Ego is the death of character.


History remembers colourful lives. Life has just three colours: blood, sweat and tears; everything else is black or white. I wish you a colourful life.


One cannot row a boat without disturbing the water. Just as one’s progress will always gather criticism.


Facebook is an unpaid, overly curious, seductive and yet unconcerned psychiatrist! It’s free. It accepts any bullshit you spew. It mesmerizes you to return to it often. And yet it remains distant to who you really are. In short, it is an extremely glorified shrink!


Everybody we meet in life help us in finding our purpose. But nobody guides us towards it like the person who hates us most.


The energy of youth prevents us from thinking before an act, while the inability of old age keeps us thinking..


Opinions are bound to change. Do not argue over them. Do not let an unnecessary argument linger in anyone’s memory.


The secret to a beautiful life is to make a lot of mistakes. Do not fear them. Just take care not to repeat. There are always new ones to make.


Victory over mediocrity is excellence but not genius.


When you compare yourself with others you are invalidating a part of yourself. Comparison is a form of suicide.


To sleep well at night, you must be good during the day.


Real knowledge is like a strong password. Showing off destroys its purpose.


My mind is my God; my soul is my Temple.


Oppression mostly stems from the fear (not the power) of the oppressor.


Family is choosing the best looking fruit at the market but choosing the worst looking one at the dining table.


Preach what you practice; it will save you the trouble of practicing what you preach.


Everything of value is beautiful; not everything that is beautiful is valuable.


Only a calm mind can forge great ideas.


Life is a process of accumulating patience and knowledge over time.


Creativity is an extension of curiosity.


I am proud of my humility.


The fruit fought for, is less enjoyable than the fruit shared.


No amount of artificial intelligence can combat human stupidity.


The primary casualty of stupidity is humanity.


Love inspires; hate despairs.


Magic transcends to science in time.


If you think that nobody is as intelligent as you are, then conversely it’s also true that nobody is as stupid as you.


Laziness leads to stupidity.


Nature will outlive the blip of time that humanity has the privilege to observe it.


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