Four stars aligned as a star

As I earnestly wished;

Of the sky, far and across,

Never a gaze, Never I missed


I wished peace and light

Gleam a fire bright

I wished big, that I may fall,

But yet I’m so small


The four stars met at my heart

Yet so far,

A beautiful star

Never, Never to part.


Though I could see clouds all around,

And I was still on the ground

Yet I wished with tears on my cheek,

Hoping to find what I seek.

One response to “Dreams”

  1. i felt the urge to fly high in the sky again….. the desire to be seen among the stars as the only one who dared to reach so far…. the wonderful feeling i had when imagined saying ‘hi’ to a flying bird, flying beside it….. and in spite of all these in ma mind, i just used to be content with all that my eye cud capture…!!!

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