Thereby hangs a tale

The journey has been great, for what is worth,
When I reminisce all the fun and laughter,
It shall remain dear until my death,
And if time is frivolous, a little after.

I wonder where I tread astray,
How long an unwelcome guest I did overstay.
I wished only happiness with all my heart,
Little did I know, the ways it would contort.

A ten thousand years and more ago,
All was one – one giant heap – the earth,
Gently, yet plainly it began to outgrow,
To live asunder, distanced by brine thenceforth.

Maybe time will build a bridge, or a miracle found,
Or the hope that we’ll meet – a turn around,
And if not, we have left behind a worthy trail,
And thereby hangs a tale.

– Manoj

2 thoughts on “Thereby hangs a tale

    1. There is no trail without a worthy tale. The tale interests me more, because it creates the trail.

      Maybe we should live a tale based on the trail that should remain.

      Agreed. 🙂

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