The Lone Crusader

When luck seems to give way,
Nothing works right,
However hard that I may try,

All I see is so black and white.
Everything that goes by,
Though they never stay,
Leave bitter memories lie,

Those, which torment you, day after day.
Life ceases to mean,
When nobody understand, nobody care,
I feel so tired, fallen, lean-

It all comes round so unfair.
But just as they say:
Every cloud has a silver lining;
It taught me,
To live a life so isolated…and may,

Just find in me…the lone crusader.
A sailor, fighting the high tides,
I am riding the waves of change,
Crossing all limits,

I am growing stronger from within.
A soldier, conquering the self,
Beyond all barriers of truth and love,
A feeling of infinite strength,
Something I never felt before.

I guess the change that was long awaited,
Has begun to take shape,
Has started to mould my future, my destiny,
As the lone crusader…

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