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  • Ah, the great outdoors!

    Ah, the great outdoors!

    “Ah, the great outdoors” is a dialog that a Dryad (character in Warcraft III) says when the character is trained and ready to be controlled. It is perhaps one phrase out of the thousands I’ve heard from spending innumerable hours playing the game that I remember often. As a self-proclaimed ambivert, my weekend plan is […]

  • Of ideas and drafts!

    Not long ago, I used to become angry that I did not document an idea when I got one, and many times, I’d forget it entirely. To overcome this, I started creating draft posts on my blog and save for completing them later. This went on well, only for me to realize that the “later” […]

  • Been a while

    Its over a fortnight since I posted anything on my blog. 😦 Just that my ideas don’t get translated into writing and many times gets lost within my brain! Of late, there have been a lot of things that are keeping me busy. Prosoft Studio and Free100MbHost: Both are ventures by a friend of mine […]

  • A Story and A Poem

    I posted a short story and a poem I had written long time ago. You can find the links to them on the left sidebar under ‘My Works’. This time I re-read it, it seemed like ages since I wrote them. I still have a few poems that I will post as I get time […]

  • English – Writer’s License – Allegory

    English is a language that comes with a lot of freedom. By freedom, I mean its usage can be bent according to the needs of the context or the writer. Though grammatically an error, the meaning of the sentence still holds. This is not limited just to poetry, but extends also to prose. One such […]