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  • How much of ‘bad’ is ‘good’?

    I was contemplating upon how we tend to rate things (or even people for that matter) as good or bad. And a realistic fact hit me: Good and bad are relative and opinionated. Meaning, something good for me needn’t be so for you. Just like: ‘One man’s music is another man’s noise‘ or ‘One man’s…

  • Plastic – Boon or Bane?

    Plastic – One of the best inventions of man. Plastic is light-weight, durable, low-cost, and has a wide variety of application ranging from a pen, which you use to write on the paper, to the waste paper basket, into which you throw the paper. Plastic undoubtedly has been the one of the greatest achievements by…

  • Hello World!

    Hello! Welcome to my weblog! 🙂 Just like you write a ‘Hello World!’ program in every new programming language that you learn, this is a similar post which flags off a new start. Enjoy your stay here! 😀