New Domain and Updates

Foot Prints in SandI’m very happy today. I could finally map my domain to my blog. Now you can access my blog using both as well as As a result of this mapping, if you use a RSS reader to read my blog, you might have three nonsensical posts. This is due to the latency in DNS propagation. The posts were from a self-hosted blog which the domain was pointing to, before being mapped to WordPress. My apologies. Please ignore those posts.

Secondly, before mapping the domain to WordPress, I was stuck in a dilemma whether to host the blog on my own (, or choose If I were to host the blog myself elsewhere, I’d have had to:

  • Buy hosting; add my domain there. I’m responsible for the blog’s uptime.
  • Install WordPress, install a host of plugins and edit a lot of files before my self-hosted blog could match the functionality of the blog here.
  • Manage the SEO, make sure everything is working fine, and make sure the visibility of my blog on the web (which could easily take years!)
  • The biggest pain however is redirecting the traffic from here; which would have affected you.

If I had someone to do all that for me, I could easily invest all that energy into blogging; that’s why I chose to handle EVERYTHING! And it does it without a glitch.

Its been a while since my blog got some real attention. I was held up with my new job, the training in Mumbai, and other things. (More posts coming soon).

A word about wordpress

For those who have come to wordpress recently (post v2.5 release), I’m sure you found the design, interface, manageability, and the performance of wordpress a satisfying experience. However, for those who have been with wordpress since its early stages, it has been an extraordinary journey (at, also at wordpress.orgWhat’s the difference?) when looked back at it.

I have been associated with wordpress ever since the v1.5 release – which was instantly adopted by thousands of people. I was a n00b at Webdesigning and PHP back then (not much difference now), and was a mute spectator to the exponential increase of the popularity of wordpress. The response to the wordpress ‘blog’ tool was enormous and everyone wanted to be a part of it. And gradually, the wordpress community grew, the number of coders, testers and website managers. The list would never be complete without mentioning the thousands of theme and plugin designers who have made a world of difference to wordpress as it is.

Having said all this, it would be a crime not to mention Matt. Matt is the creator of WordPress, who nurtured it (and continues to do so) as his child. Hats off to you Matt, for giving us such a good blogging software ( and also a blogging platform (

You can read the wordpress story from the people themselves here.