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  • Social media overdose

    Of late, I was contemplating upon how I seem to have no time for the things I want to do. While I’m guilty of whiling away time playing games or watching TV, these are things that eat up my time consciously. But, even these activities do not seem to add up to all the time […]

  • The anatomy of a fall!

    Why do things fall? What makes them fall? Sir Isaac Newton gave us the answers a few hundred years ago! However, owing to the (not-so-recent) fall from my motorbike, I’ve been forced to think about the non-mathematical aspects of a fall. More specifically, the incident gave me an insight into what happens “during” a fall. […]

  • Fathom before forward! – A sneek peek into the world of chain letters.

    Why do people forward irrelevant emails? A few reasons that I could gather – No harm – There’s no harm in forwarding a simple email right? Spreading knowledge – I’m doing a noble task of spreading knowledge to my fellow earthlings! I don’t want to die – I’m scared I may die if I do […]

  • And after a long time…

    Ever wondered how fast time flies? Its almost as if an hour isn’t 60 minutes anymore; and a day isn’t 24 hours! I think I’m experiencing a phenomenon that I call – “Time Crunch”. Time Crunch is a feeling where I just don’t have enough hours in a day. My days seem to have become […]

  • Slacking!

    Slacker (n): Someone who puts off doing things to the last minute, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn’t all that important anyways and forgets about it. Yeah. Its hard for me to admit, but I’ve become a slacker of late. As I’ve been telling a lot of people, I was busy with […]