New Domain and Updates

Foot Prints in SandI’m very happy today. I could finally map my domain to my blog. Now you can access my blog using both as well as As a result of this mapping, if you use a RSS reader to read my blog, you might have three nonsensical posts. This is due to the latency in DNS propagation. The posts were from a self-hosted blog which the domain was pointing to, before being mapped to WordPress. My apologies. Please ignore those posts.

Secondly, before mapping the domain to WordPress, I was stuck in a dilemma whether to host the blog on my own (, or choose If I were to host the blog myself elsewhere, I’d have had to:

  • Buy hosting; add my domain there. I’m responsible for the blog’s uptime.
  • Install WordPress, install a host of plugins and edit a lot of files before my self-hosted blog could match the functionality of the blog here.
  • Manage the SEO, make sure everything is working fine, and make sure the visibility of my blog on the web (which could easily take years!)
  • The biggest pain however is redirecting the traffic from here; which would have affected you.

If I had someone to do all that for me, I could easily invest all that energy into blogging; that’s why I chose to handle EVERYTHING! And it does it without a glitch.

Its been a while since my blog got some real attention. I was held up with my new job, the training in Mumbai, and other things. (More posts coming soon).

New Domain

My blog can now be accessible by 😀 I just got it registered and works fine. I’ve just used my other host just to redirect it to here until I move this blog to my other host. Yeah, I’ll be moving sometime in mid-Jan. Why? I plan on a bigger website than just a blog, and for that I’ll need better control over wordpress.

I chose not to map my domain via the upgrade on for two reasons: One, I have plans of moving; secondly, it costs an additional $10 per year (apart from the domain registrar cost)

Anyways, I’ll be configuring Frology! now. I just laid my hands on a really good looking theme and I have to mod it a bit to suit Frology!

That will be it for now. Over and out! 🙂