Unexpected Road Trip!

Its so typical of the things that happen in life. They just spring up! Just like the road trip that we went on today. I took my bike to college today (Dad would normally not let me take it because of the traffic en route). After the first hour, we decided to bunk the rest of the day and go on a road trip! No petrol. Not much of cash. And yet, we leave! Four bikers (Pele, Virus, Kage and me) and four others (Hulee, Bottle, Baby and Piggy). We fill little petrol on the way, just in case.

Firstly, we reached the Hesarghatta lake — a lake which is no more. 😦 But the scenery was amazing! There was an old well, which we climbed down into and took snaps (on Kage’s mobile). Later, we went to a temple nearby. Then we decided to go to Nrityagram which is about 3.5 KM off the main road. We reached there to find it closed, and the watchman informed us that it will be open only from 6th May. We took a few more snaps there and headed back to the main road. Once we reached there, we stopped again to take a few pictures at a eucalyptus grove. There, we chose not go back to college (our lab was rescheduled to take place earlier that day; and even if we tried to return, we couldn’t have done so in time), instead, we went further to the Madhure temple (about 15 KM farther). The roads weren’t really ‘pleasant’ to drive on but we were all thrilled and it did not matter a thing! On the way, we also went to another temple — Veeranjaneya temple. Upon reaching the Madhure temple, it was about 1PM. We had the darshan of the deity and Virus had his bike worshiped. Everyone was dead hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything since morning!

From there, we decided to return via the highway through Nelamangala. On the way, we stopped at Jyothi Dhaba to have our lunch. The food wasn’t all that tasty but we hogged nicely. 🙂 The highway ride on the way back was amazing! Baby was riding pillion and we touched 108 KM/Hr on my bike! Hulee and Pele, (on Pele’s brother’s bike) also touched 107 KM/Hr. It was 4PM by the time I came back home. Totally spent, dirty, and sleepy! Mom scolded me when I told her about my speedy feat. 🙂 Its so nice to see my Mom all worked up and irritated with me when I end up doing silly things. The look on her face is priceless! 🙂

Too bad I couldn’t sleep then. Bluemistwar had called (and my cell had no network!) and I got his messages after I reached home. I headed to Kss’s place right then. I came back by around 6PM and slept till 8PM! 🙂

One amazing day! 🙂

My bike’s first service

I rode the bike for 664 km in one month (after bluemistwar said it would be impossible for me to cross 500!) before my Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi finally went in for its first service. The first service was a huge breather for me; in terms of the speed I can now ride my bike in. Before this, I maintained it around 40 kmph; now, I exceed it by at least 10 kmph. The manual says I have to limit the top speed below 65 kmph (until it runs 1000 km) for a good running-in of the engine.

I left it for servicing at Khivraj Motors, the same place I bought it. The service cost me Rs. 210 (roughly $5.25) which was supposed to be free (apparently, only the labour charges are waived off). I got it back on the evening of the same day. The service was good; the bike felt smoother and the gear shifts were less noisy. The clutch lever seems a little loose. And there is a little scratch on the side of the bike. I’m not sure if it happened during the service or after or before it. But its irritating!

The mileage just before I left it for service was around 47 kmpl. And after I got it back, I rode about a 100km; yet to calculate the mileage.

And by the way, today was the first time I did not ride the bike ever since I bought it.

My New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

I bought a new bike (motorcycle) – Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi. I’ve been riding it like a maniac (partly explains why I wasn’t in front of my PC blogging. 😀 ) I was impressed by this bike in the 150 cc class ever since its induction into the market and they have always made it better and better. The latest version which I have bought has a little modified body, but its greatest upgrade lies in its digital speedometer display system. The digital display also shows the odometer, fuel indicator, and has two ‘trip odometers’. The RPM meter however is analog; the combination is pretty good. The dome has been changed a little from the earlier versions of the pulsar and the headlights have been improved. The indicators switch off automatically after the turn. (Though, I feel this bit of technology is a little bugged. 😛 )

The riding comfort for the rider is OK. But the pillion comfort is good. I’ve heard from ‘Pele’ (Pele’s brother also owns a pulsar 150) that the bike’s mileage is about 50Km/L. Right now, I’ve ridden the bike for almost 440 Km, after cumulatively filling the tank with about 10.2 Litres of petrol, and the fuel is already in reserve. Right now, (before the first service; idling high) I’m approximating the mileage to be around 40-45 Km/L. I’ll drop it for its first service on 17th Feb (which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday!)

One irritating part of buying a new bike is the running-in! Having to ride the bike at ‘snail’ speeds of 40-50 Kmph is sickening. But that’s okay. The excitement still lives on. 🙂

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