Tag: PHP

  • Cracking the Lab! – 1

    Being in the seventh semester has had its pros and cons. However, the labs in this semester haven’t been a good experience, in terms of all the trouble we had to go through just to get the software work at our home PCs for practice. I have tried hard and come close to what you […]

  • Adobe Flex – Redefining Web 2.0

    Yesterday, I had been to “Flex Boot Camp” – a seminar on Flex conducted by Adobe. For people who don’t know what Flex is – it is a framework on the top of Flash which works provides an interface to create complete websites in Flash giving it more OO classes and functions, and HTML components […]

  • A word about wordpress

    For those who have come to wordpress recently (post v2.5 release), I’m sure you found the design, interface, manageability, and the performance of wordpress a satisfying experience. However, for those who have been with wordpress since its early stages, it has been an extraordinary journey (at wordpress.com, also at wordpress.org – What’s the difference?) when […]

  • Installing WordPress

    Ok. I made this tutorial to help people who, like me, hate fantastico; and for people who like to do things the hard way. Trust me, you learn quite a lot. 🙂 Kk, enough of my rambling, lets get on with the task. With little changes, this tutorial can be extended to any script which […]