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  • Nature makes the man

    Nature makes the man

    I have always wondered why people live in places with harsh climate – why struggle every day as if it’s a battle to be won? Having been in Sweden for a while now, has brought some perspective into that thought. For most people, their place of birth is their home – the place where they […]

  • Fathom before forward! – A sneek peek into the world of chain letters.

    Why do people forward irrelevant emails? A few reasons that I could gather – No harm – There’s no harm in forwarding a simple email right? Spreading knowledge – I’m doing a noble task of spreading knowledge to my fellow earthlings! I don’t want to die – I’m scared I may die if I do […]

  • How much of ‘bad’ is ‘good’?

    I was contemplating upon how we tend to rate things (or even people for that matter) as good or bad. And a realistic fact hit me: Good and bad are relative and opinionated. Meaning, something good for me needn’t be so for you. Just like: ‘One man’s music is another man’s noise‘ or ‘One man’s […]

  • Psychology of elections

    Whenever there are democratic elections, there are discussions, debates, and arguments on how the results would define the future of the government. There are various graphs and charts that feature in the newspapers, TV channels and magazines trying to foresee the outcome. There are rallies, meetings, and gatherings where the contestants (political parties) try to […]

  • Belief & Trust

    Beliefs make you weaker. I’ve always quoted this example when anyone asked me the truth of the above statement: Imagine you believe in ghosts. You tend to be afraid of them. And fear is weakness. I’m somebody who strongly believes in the above statement. I do not know how this belief of mine is weakening […]