And after a long time…

Ever wondered how fast time flies? Its almost as if an hour isn’t 60 minutes anymore; and a day isn’t 24 hours! I think I’m experiencing a phenomenon that I call – “Time Crunch”. Time Crunch is a feeling where I just don’t have enough hours in a day. My days seem to have become smaller but in the broader view, its still ONE day that has gone by.

It feels like looking outside the window of a moving train; the trees that are closer, rocket past even before I can get a glance. However, the trees far off seem to chug along, before disappearing gradually. In parallel, minutes and hours whiz by before I know its gone. However, when I recline and look back at all the time that I have lived through, it seems so expansive. Sometimes, the feeling also associates with itself the guilt that so much time has gone by without any credible accomplishments. But I just have to suffice myself thinking all the time that has gone by was in preparation for something that has to be achieved in the time to come.

Since the new year, a lot of things have happened. Not many of much significant importance, but worth mentioning I guess. I upgraded my computer and its a faster, sleeker and a better machine now. But I miss my old PC! (Why do I get attached to ‘things’ so much?) My results were a pleasant surprise – I got 75.33%. 🙂 I’m using my dad’s Nokia N72 now and I’m happy that I have a camera (in the phone). Hopefully my posts will contain more photos from now on. Oh, dad bought a new phone – Nokia 7210 Supernova. He also bought a new scooter – Honda Activa (dark-cement-gray color)

Today, I wrote a post on Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) for DNTemple, met my friends, ate ice-cream and tried squatting a mosquito in vain! 😛

I’m Back! :-)

Its been a while since I came online, and I’m already sluggish at my keyboard! o.O

My exams went OK – as usual. Can’t expect a VTU student to say he has done exceptionally well in his exams; unless he/she is a bookworm who lives inside the books!

Well, books and bookworms apart, its good to be back. And as always, I got all the brilliant ideas for blogging during the time of my exams! However, this time, I have had the good mind to jot them down. I also have a list of things I’ll have to do in the holidays, which by the way stretches over this month! Yay! 🙂 So, hopefully you’ll see a flurry of posts coming up. I’ll be continuing the ‘Think it over..’ series as well.

In other news, I bought a computer table to support my 5-year-old PC; its *old* you see. Seems like old wine in a new bottle. 😛

The last minute guy

Pressure has a lot of negative effect on people. Some fight it successfully, while some bow down to its effects developing various problems with their career, relationships, and health. But me, I love pressure.

I’m most productive under pressure. I always do my best at the crunch of time, when its almost like a do-or-die situation. Having said that, it might not be a very good thing as it sounds. Like, most of the times, I don’t get started with many things until this time arrives. Things like studying; I open my books for a test when my friends would have finished studying everything once. Even though this is the case, I end up doing good in the tests (at least, most of the times).

I’m certainly not advocating this method of going about things in life to anyone. Because, every time I do well in a test after preparing so little for it, I tend to think how much more better I could have done if I had actually put in more efforts.

This behavior of mine gets my parents going at me. They get agitated at the very sight of me wasting time (at my PC or in front of the TV) on the eve of the exams. I guess after all these years, they have gotten used to it. My dad does question though: “Wonder how you get those marks in your exams; I bet you are cheating, aren’t you?”

What can I say to that? I give him a big smile. 🙂 <— Bigger than this!

Tips to take care of your PC against aliens (Viruses, Worms and Trojans)

What an alien does to your system can be pretty irritating. Disabling system functions, high memory usage, internet bandwidth stealing to name a few. Other times, it can be dangerous as well; stealing passwords or bank and credit card information.

The best way to avoid infecting your PC with these aliens is to block their source of entry into your PC. Usually, these aliens propagate through Pen Drives, EMail, Illegal downloads, Torrents, and other means of data transfer such as CDs and DVDs.

Basic security settings:

  • Use a good anti-virus software, update it regularly and scan your system frequently. This does 25% of the work. A good anti-virus software with a real time scanning ability will detect most of the infection before it occurs, thereby saving you the trouble even before it erupts.
  • Update your Windows OS with all the security releases from Microsoft. This is pretty essential, but I haven’t seen many high-priority updates since SP2. So, if you have SP2, I guess that’s update enough; but always update if you can.
  • Always watch the task manager. Be aware of the number of processes that your system usually runs. This could help you detect any unwanted processes running in the background.
  • Always scan any file that you download from the internet or your email inbox before executing it.

Safeguarding from infection through Pen Drives:

Aliens in pen drives rely upon autorun to affect your system. As soon as you insert an affected pen drive and double click on its icon in My Computer, be assured that your system is now infected. The best way (probably the only good way) to stop this is by disabling autorun. You can do this by manually editing the registry which is not always the best option. Instead, you could download TweakUI, released by Microsoft for tweaking the performance and related issues of Windows XP.

Using TweakUI (TweakUI is a PowerToy for Windows XP released by Microsoft):

  • Download it from Microsoft Download Center and install it. Pretty straight forward installation and shouldn’t be any problem. Run it.
  • Disable autoplay on all drives. (You may keep it on for your CD or DVD drives if you wish)

  • This will disable autoplay for all drives and hence, when you insert the device, your PC will not be infected. But it is not over yet.
  • As soon as you connect a device, always right click on its icon in My Computer and click on Open. Better yet, use Windows Explorer to view the contents. Enable option to view hidden files and folders.
  • Delete the ‘autorun.inf’ file if present and any suspicious ‘.exe’ files if found.
  • Your pen drive is now clean.

Follow these steps every time you use the pen drive. These steps are usually required if your anti-virus software fails to detect/resolve the threat.