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  • And after a long time…

    Ever wondered how fast time flies? Its almost as if an hour isn’t 60 minutes anymore; and a day isn’t 24 hours! I think I’m experiencing a phenomenon that I call – “Time Crunch”. Time Crunch is a feeling where I just don’t have enough hours in a day. My days seem to have become […]

  • I’m Back! :-)

    Its been a while since I came online, and I’m already sluggish at my keyboard! o.O My exams went OK – as usual. Can’t expect a VTU student to say he has done exceptionally well in his exams; unless he/she is a bookworm who lives inside the books! Well, books and bookworms apart, its good […]

  • The last minute guy

    Pressure has a lot of negative effect on people. Some fight it successfully, while some bow down to its effects developing various problems with their career, relationships, and health. But me, I love pressure. I’m most productive under pressure. I always do my best at the crunch of time, when its almost like a do-or-die […]

  • Tips to take care of your PC against aliens (Viruses, Worms and Trojans)

    What an alien does to your system can be pretty irritating. Disabling system functions, high memory usage, internet bandwidth stealing to name a few. Other times, it can be dangerous as well; stealing passwords or bank and credit card information. The best way to avoid infecting your PC with these aliens is to block their […]