My New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

I bought a new bike (motorcycle) – Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi. I’ve been riding it like a maniac (partly explains why I wasn’t in front of my PC blogging. 😀 ) I was impressed by this bike in the 150 cc class ever since its induction into the market and they have always made it better and better. The latest version which I have bought has a little modified body, but its greatest upgrade lies in its digital speedometer display system. The digital display also shows the odometer, fuel indicator, and has two ‘trip odometers’. The RPM meter however is analog; the combination is pretty good. The dome has been changed a little from the earlier versions of the pulsar and the headlights have been improved. The indicators switch off automatically after the turn. (Though, I feel this bit of technology is a little bugged. 😛 )

The riding comfort for the rider is OK. But the pillion comfort is good. I’ve heard from ‘Pele’ (Pele’s brother also owns a pulsar 150) that the bike’s mileage is about 50Km/L. Right now, I’ve ridden the bike for almost 440 Km, after cumulatively filling the tank with about 10.2 Litres of petrol, and the fuel is already in reserve. Right now, (before the first service; idling high) I’m approximating the mileage to be around 40-45 Km/L. I’ll drop it for its first service on 17th Feb (which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday!)

One irritating part of buying a new bike is the running-in! Having to ride the bike at ‘snail’ speeds of 40-50 Kmph is sickening. But that’s okay. The excitement still lives on. 🙂

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