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  • Nature makes the man

    Nature makes the man

    I have always wondered why people live in places with harsh climate – why struggle every day as if it’s a battle to be won? Having been in Sweden for a while now, has brought some perspective into that thought. For most people, their place of birth is their home – the place where they […]

  • “Free” costs Rs.5/day – Airtel

    Blatant unethical marketing has become the norm of this society! Companies believe that using buzz words and catch phrases are often enough to pull in subscribers or customers – irrespective of the merit and honesty of the advertisement. The most recent such ad that stirred up this new category of posts on my blog is […]

  • The state of India

    In the days when society is losing its moral roots, it is becoming ever so hard for the tree of civilization to survive, let alone flourish. We have become the gears in turning the society into a mechanism of greed and of crime – both however seem to have their roots in each other. Crime […]

  • Godse and Gandhi – Truth or Fiction?

    I’m unable to authenticate the below text for its truth. However, I do agree with certain ideas that it puts forward. I have always blamed (and still do) Gandhi for the partition of India. As I’ve said, none of what follows may be true, but it is definitely worth a read. Godse is often a […]

  • The H-1B visa fee hike by the US is premature!

    Very recently, US President Barack Obama signed into law a legislation to secure the US-Mexico border with $600 million raised by massively hiking work visa fees, ignoring concerns over a “discriminatory” provision that will largely hit Indian firms, including Wipro, Tata, Infosys and Satyam. There are two parts to this story – one, the US […]