• I turned 21 today!

    Well, seems like a long time: 21 years in this world. Don’t know if I must be happy for my birthday or sad for getting older. Well, I did get a lot of wishes right at 00:00 – Hulee, Baby, Pele, Fakru, Gabri, Arnold, Vatsa wished me via IM and SMS. And I got calls […]

  • 2 years since I started blogging!

    I’m very happy that, its been over two years since I started blogging (05 Apr, 2006) with WordPress.com. Before that, I had an account with Blogster.com, which was formerly Blogster.net. Anyways, it wasn’t long before I switched over to WordPress. Where are the archives? Well, when I started off the blog, it was mainly to […]

  • 2.5 IS HERE!

    WordPress 2.5 is here! The most awaited version of WordPress, with a huge load of features encompassing everything a blog must have and beyond it by miles! For all those who have self-hosted blogs, I don’t think I have to even ask you to upgrade, ’cause most of you would have already done it. 🙂 […]

  • Another poem and a few changes

    I’ve uploaded another poem that I wrote during my school days. This is titled ‘The Little Soul’ and is one of my few poems which are very dear to me. This was a poem which won me praises by the English teacher in my 9th Standard of High School. Its about two kingdoms gripped by […]

  • A Story and A Poem

    I posted a short story and a poem I had written long time ago. You can find the links to them on the left sidebar under ‘My Works’. This time I re-read it, it seemed like ages since I wrote them. I still have a few poems that I will post as I get time […]