2.5 IS HERE!

WordPress 2.5 is here! The most awaited version of WordPress, with a huge load of features encompassing everything a blog must have and beyond it by miles! For all those who have self-hosted blogs, I don’t think I have to even ask you to upgrade, ’cause most of you would have already done it. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, stop eating that donut and get cracking! Its hot!

I’ll first be experimenting the new version for Frology! Then, later on move this blog. If my pocket permits, I might just add the domain to this blog itself. Let’s see. For now, I just can’t wait to finish writing this post and get my hands dirty!

For all those who are oblivious to WordPress, just visit the website, which by the way, dons a new look too!

Whatever! re-launched as Frology!

Welcome people! Thank you for being with Whatever! for so long. Whatever! has a different identity altogether now! It is now called Frology! We also have now moved to a new location with loads of new features and updates! Its faster, simpler, and has more features than before and more coming too! 😀


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