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  • Godse and Gandhi – Truth or Fiction?

    I’m unable to authenticate the below text for its truth. However, I do agree with certain ideas that it puts forward. I have always blamed (and still do) Gandhi for the partition of India. As I’ve said, none of what follows may be true, but it is definitely worth a read. Godse is often a […]

  • India: 61 years of independence!

    Salute to a country which knows the value of freedom. Salute to a country which has its moral roots etched in non-violence and secularism. Salute to a country which has never resolved to violence in its entire history. India got its freedom after a long strenous fight for independence that spanned over 90 years. As […]

  • What is love?

    Love – it is undoubtedly the most widely discussed topics any where in the world. Love knows no language, is not limited by any boundaries and when you are in love, you cannot deny the fact that it is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. Love is more giving than receiving; […]

  • English – Writer’s License – Allegory

    English is a language that comes with a lot of freedom. By freedom, I mean its usage can be bent according to the needs of the context or the writer. Though grammatically an error, the meaning of the sentence still holds. This is not limited just to poetry, but extends also to prose. One such […]