Things are looking better.

The huge row at college seems to have quietened a little, with the principal asking us to submit apology letters signed by our parents. Seems really silly and I feel like I’m being treated like a school kid. But this probably what I get for playing like a school kid at college! 😛

Wonder why are all principals short-tempered?!

Into Deep Sh**!

A lot of things happened on my birthday (yesterday) and today. We got caught playing inside college and we were accused of bunking the classes. We did our best to defend ourselves with the truth, which is the fact that the classes were actually canceled. But it is certainly not helping much. I’d rather not say too much here right now. Don’t really know who all are reading my blog! :O Let’s see how this is going to end. 🙂

Besides, I got a denim jacket for my birthday presented by Bluemistwar, Adi, Silveron and others. Its great. It fits me just right and looks great over light colored t-shirts. 🙂

I don’t know what I want?

Something really weird happened today. I had to go to college to get my SSLC and PUC marks cards for the interview tomorrow. ‘Piggy’ also wanted to get his, so I picked him up and rode to college on my bike. On our way back, I saw an ambulance. Whenever I see an ambulance with its alarm blaring, I say a silent prayer urging God to help the person inside it. Today, I also asked God to give that person a part of my luck so that he reaches the hospital in time. I reassured myself that I’ll ride decently leaving nothing to my luck (which I asked God to give away). Amazingly enough, I had a pretty bad experience minutes after that prayer. We just missed getting hit by a bus.

That’s when I started thinking if I really knew what I wanted in life; If I was anywhere close to being in control of things around me; I guess, no matter what you ask for in life, God gives you only what you deserve. Anything bad that happens is the result of us not learning from the lessons that God makes us go through in life.