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  • Changes, changes, changes – Nobody likes them!

    Why are all living things resistant to change? Is it because we get used to doing things in one way that a diversion will cause discomfort, irritation and difficulty? This seems to be true for even the smallest of circumstances like changing where we keep our keys to a huge change like moving to a different […]

  • Google Chrome impressive! Download it now!

    Google spread its wings into the browser market today with a pretty impressive and promising package – Chrome. The browser being truly fast, redefines speed. With a load of amazing features, it stands up give a tough fight to Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google released a comic strip to introduce the new browser and all […]

  • Secure your browsing with Firefox

    If you haven’t read the previous post of this series, I suggest you do. If you have done that, or you are already a Firefox fan, then read on to know more on securing your browsing on firefox. One of the major aspects of firefox is its extensibility, which is possible by the use of […]

  • Why Firefox?

    Its been a while since the most-awaited Firefox 3 was released. Too much hype surrounded its release and also the world record ‘Download Day’. Was it all worth the hype? Is the record really worth some applause? Let’s see. After building up huge hype, Mozilla Foundation must have prepared for it. The release itself was […]

  • Firefox 3 is coming!

    The latest and the much awaited version of the Firefox is all set to be released today! Of all the years I have known internet for, this is one software that people have been waiting for a long time, with huge expectations. I’m sure Mozilla will live up to them. The release is scheduled at […]