Unexpected Road Trip!

Its so typical of the things that happen in life. They just spring up! Just like the road trip that we went on today. I took my bike to college today (Dad would normally not let me take it because of the traffic en route). After the first hour, we decided to bunk the rest of the day and go on a road trip! No petrol. Not much of cash. And yet, we leave! Four bikers (Pele, Virus, Kage and me) and four others (Hulee, Bottle, Baby and Piggy). We fill little petrol on the way, just in case.

Firstly, we reached the Hesarghatta lake — a lake which is no more. 😦 But the scenery was amazing! There was an old well, which we climbed down into and took snaps (on Kage’s mobile). Later, we went to a temple nearby. Then we decided to go to Nrityagram which is about 3.5 KM off the main road. We reached there to find it closed, and the watchman informed us that it will be open only from 6th May. We took a few more snaps there and headed back to the main road. Once we reached there, we stopped again to take a few pictures at a eucalyptus grove. There, we chose not go back to college (our lab was rescheduled to take place earlier that day; and even if we tried to return, we couldn’t have done so in time), instead, we went further to the Madhure temple (about 15 KM farther). The roads weren’t really ‘pleasant’ to drive on but we were all thrilled and it did not matter a thing! On the way, we also went to another temple — Veeranjaneya temple. Upon reaching the Madhure temple, it was about 1PM. We had the darshan of the deity and Virus had his bike worshiped. Everyone was dead hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything since morning!

From there, we decided to return via the highway through Nelamangala. On the way, we stopped at Jyothi Dhaba to have our lunch. The food wasn’t all that tasty but we hogged nicely. 🙂 The highway ride on the way back was amazing! Baby was riding pillion and we touched 108 KM/Hr on my bike! Hulee and Pele, (on Pele’s brother’s bike) also touched 107 KM/Hr. It was 4PM by the time I came back home. Totally spent, dirty, and sleepy! Mom scolded me when I told her about my speedy feat. 🙂 Its so nice to see my Mom all worked up and irritated with me when I end up doing silly things. The look on her face is priceless! 🙂

Too bad I couldn’t sleep then. Bluemistwar had called (and my cell had no network!) and I got his messages after I reached home. I headed to Kss’s place right then. I came back by around 6PM and slept till 8PM! 🙂

One amazing day! 🙂

Into Deep Sh**!

A lot of things happened on my birthday (yesterday) and today. We got caught playing inside college and we were accused of bunking the classes. We did our best to defend ourselves with the truth, which is the fact that the classes were actually canceled. But it is certainly not helping much. I’d rather not say too much here right now. Don’t really know who all are reading my blog! :O Let’s see how this is going to end. 🙂

Besides, I got a denim jacket for my birthday presented by Bluemistwar, Adi, Silveron and others. Its great. It fits me just right and looks great over light colored t-shirts. 🙂

Some good news!

Just two days after I wrote this, Bluemistwar returns to play Runescape. Hope its like the good old days. Can’t wait for us trio to get together, though I feel the game holds anything interesting for us anymore. But it will be fun nevertheless.

I have this idea to create the website just for us. Where we could leave each other off-liners and bookmarks. Maintain a log of all the movies and music we download and watch; probably review them too. Just an idea. Hope I get time for it. I did register a UNI.CC domain for it. Its called http://www.ethirin.uni.cc I’ll start working on it sometime soon.

Its fun this week. Had only 3 days’ of college and since its Diwali – The Festival of Lights, the next I have to attend college again is on Monday! Diwali is a festival of sweets, fireworks and loads of fun! Read the Wikipedia article about Diwali, also the stories associated with the celebration of the festival. Traditionally, yesterday was Naraka Chaturdashi,  today is Amawasya,  and tomorrow is the Bali Padyami.

I read this nice article on the newspaper about how the scare about air pollution and noise pollution preventing people esp. children from bursting crackers. I quote: “Though it is true (the pollution), I’d like to see children sporting new clothes, bursting crackers excitedly and having a happy time.” I feel that all the things that adults are doing to contribute to pollution is far, far more dangerous than children bursting crackers once a year! The children are made to feel responsible for the wrong-doing of the adults.

If you are someone who stopped bursting crackers, thinking about pollution, I say you go out there and have some real fun and burst crackers. But if you think its really affecting the environment around you, plant a tree afterwards.


For all the people who don’t know, Runescape is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Player Game); the very first I was introduced to almost 5 to 6 years ago. (Yep, that’s a long time.) Discovered by Bluemistwarrior, we were a group of 3 (Bluemistwar, Vickyschwarz, and Sterex – me) playing it everyday!

When we started playing, the game was 2D, with a lot of bugs, and very few people managing it (besides the creators) and had only 3 servers, and was completely free-to-play! Now, it is 3D, very few bugs, and a huge staff managing it (no sign of the creators now!) and has more than a 100 servers, and has a free-to-play version as well as a pay-to-play upgrade! I wouldn’t call that a happy transcend; partly because I liked the gameplay of the Classic Runescape better. And now, as you could guess, there’s no support for free players and no major updates either. Every time I open the page to play it, I see a whole lot of updates for the paid players (members) including quests (something which made the game very good to play!) and none for the free users. I know I can’t argue much there. (If you haven’t quite realized I’m a free player)

After playing the game for about 2 years, all of us lost interest, and stopped. (Of course, we had finished all the quests and there wasn’t much to do in the game as such) Then there was this occasional logging in to see if our characters still existed. And we’d be amazed to find so many updates that kept taking place.

Now after a gap of 3 years, I started playing again! Don’t ask why. ‘Cause I don’t know if I’d be able to answer it. Anyways, sadly, Bluemistwarrior did not come back. And though Vickyschwarz did come back, he doesn’t play much. That leaves me; playing for about an hour everyday.