Attention to detail and user experience

Great works of art and architecture live through ages and are appreciated, and criticized likewise. While their exuberance and extravagance strike us the most, it is the fine attention to detail that grab the appreciation (and/or criticism) of the finer eye. People spend a good portion of their earnings on holidays, visiting places of historical and architectural marvel each year. Visiting such places is not a profitable act (at least, not in terms of monetary gain), however one does gain an experience out of it. And many studies have indicated that spending on experiences builds a richer and happy life than purchasing the latest gadget that’s out in the market.

Visiting a well-built website designed for accessibility is also an experience. Many websites have realized this and there has been a huge improvement in terms of time and resource dedicated to user experience when building a website. One example that I noticed was the recent change in the dashboard of Tumblr where adding a quote would automatically truncate and create a 140-char twitter message (If enabled). Before this update, I had to manually copy the quote and paste it into the twitter box and truncate the message manually. I was impressed by this little feature that reiterates the wonderful things Tumblr has been doing to improve user experience. On the upside, the new feature would save about 15-20 seconds of my time each time I post.

P.S.: The new feature has not been advertised anywhere on their staff blog or the design blog or the engineering blog. A silent, likable update. 🙂 Try tumbling if you haven’t already. You will be bowled over by its simplicity and ease of use.

I’m Back! :-)

Its been a while since I came online, and I’m already sluggish at my keyboard! o.O

My exams went OK – as usual. Can’t expect a VTU student to say he has done exceptionally well in his exams; unless he/she is a bookworm who lives inside the books!

Well, books and bookworms apart, its good to be back. And as always, I got all the brilliant ideas for blogging during the time of my exams! However, this time, I have had the good mind to jot them down. I also have a list of things I’ll have to do in the holidays, which by the way stretches over this month! Yay! 🙂 So, hopefully you’ll see a flurry of posts coming up. I’ll be continuing the ‘Think it over..’ series as well.

In other news, I bought a computer table to support my 5-year-old PC; its *old* you see. Seems like old wine in a new bottle. 😛

Been a while

Its over a fortnight since I posted anything on my blog. 😦 Just that my ideas don’t get translated into writing and many times gets lost within my brain! Of late, there have been a lot of things that are keeping me busy.

  • Prosoft Studio and Free100MbHost: Both are ventures by a friend of mine and I’m helping him with what I can to make it a profitable success. 🙂
  • I’m now an administrator at DNTemple, which actually demands a lot of my time nowadays. Still like it; its owned by another friend, and he has invested a lot into it.
  • The newest additions to my addictions has been World of Warcraft, shortly, WoW. I play on a private server, ’cause I cannot afford $15 (especially, on a game) to play on the official server. The gameplay and graphics are amazing. The game as an enchanting ability to keep you hooked for a long time. 🙂
  • Besides, my semester exams are fast approaching with so much left to do. Project, internals, I’ll have to let go of my online-life for a while. 😦

I’m posting a new poem ‘The Lone Crusader‘. This was a poem which I wrote when there was a huge clash between my friends. I did lose a lot of friends that day (the poem subtly says a lot about it) and in a way I’m happy that happened; I got to sieve the true friends amongst the impostors. What happened then, I guess, is a different story for a different day. 🙂

2 years since I started blogging!

I’m very happy that, its been over two years since I started blogging (05 Apr, 2006) with Before that, I had an account with, which was formerly Anyways, it wasn’t long before I switched over to WordPress.

Where are the archives?

Well, when I started off the blog, it was mainly to put up online my large collection of jokes and email forwards. I have now moved it to a different place. (Its still under development, and I’ll give out the link once its up 🙂 ) So, I wasn’t much of a writer then; I’m not so now either, owing to the amount of ‘creative’ time I spend on writing these days.

Anyways, I read Mary’s article on her finding of a news-piece, which put forth the bad effects of addiction to blogging. And also Caroline‘s comment which linked to an interesting post. It talked of the freedom of a blogger and the sense of ‘Blogging Without Obligation’ (BWO). After thinking about it a lot, I think addiction to blogging is the safest addiction out there! 😉 😛

Dark January

The new year’s very first month was a dark experience for my blogging. I’m happy that I at least had the courtesy to wish you all for the new year.

I’ve been doing a bit of work around my websites. But I’m still at square one. There are a lot things that I’ve dug my hands into and I’m unable to make time for every activity. And worse, in the process I’m losing interest in them, which is pretty odd and disturbing. Web designing with ‘hmvrulz’ (, a small project (with bright prospects) with bluemistwar, and my own websites! I’m torn between all these and getting irritated with myself.

That apart, I had a wonderful trip to Kollur, Murudeshwar, Gokarna and Yana with family. Enjoyed a lot and hope to post a few pictures very soon. And more importantly, I forgot to blog about my NEW BIKE! I guess I’ll dedicate an entire post for it tomorrow.

Pretty sleepy now. 🙂 Zzz…