Changes, changes, changes – Nobody likes them!

Why are all living things resistant to change? Is it because we get used to doing things in one way that a diversion will cause discomfort, irritation and difficulty? This seems to be true for even the smallest of circumstances like changing where we keep our keys to a huge change like moving to a different place. Some of us get very depressed and try fighting change with a vigour that may be damaging.

That said, we are also adaptable to change to a very large degree. Charles Darwin bases this power of adaptation to his theory of evolution. He argues saying those species who do not change will face the doom of extinction.

Enough jibber-jabber and gibber-gabber. More changes to the blog.

What (are the changes)?
Another domain name change and another name change.

Why (the change)?
Well, I planned for something else for the current domain –, which is why the blog will hereafter be pointed to by a new domain –

When (will this be active)?
The blog will still be accessible through (and until further notice.

How (will this affect me)?
Any bookmarks with will not work. To make them work, replace ‘’ with ‘’. Accordingly, the feed URL will be

With respect to content delivery and website experience nothing will change. 🙂 I apologise to anyone affected by this. Truly sorry. 😦


P.S.: I’m amazed at how many synonyms I could find for ‘chatting idly’.

Theme reverted.

I was forced to revert to the Garland theme for my blog. This is mainly because I cannot make do with a single sidebar. I really liked the woody look of the Quentin theme which I enabled a short while ago.

Also, I’m planning to shift the ‘Think it over..’ section to a blog of its own. I can then pull the RSS from that blog and show it in the sidebar – another reason why I really need two sidebars.

2.5 IS HERE!

WordPress 2.5 is here! The most awaited version of WordPress, with a huge load of features encompassing everything a blog must have and beyond it by miles! For all those who have self-hosted blogs, I don’t think I have to even ask you to upgrade, ’cause most of you would have already done it. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, stop eating that donut and get cracking! Its hot!

I’ll first be experimenting the new version for Frology! Then, later on move this blog. If my pocket permits, I might just add the domain to this blog itself. Let’s see. For now, I just can’t wait to finish writing this post and get my hands dirty!

For all those who are oblivious to WordPress, just visit the website, which by the way, dons a new look too!

Another poem and a few changes

I’ve uploaded another poem that I wrote during my school days. This is titled ‘The Little Soul’ and is one of my few poems which are very dear to me. This was a poem which won me praises by the English teacher in my 9th Standard of High School.

Its about two kingdoms gripped by conflict. And how a little soul saved the bloodshed and stopped the war. Read it here: The Little Soul

The change is very inconspicuous, unnoticeable: I’ve changed my blog name to Sterex. Why? I probably don’t have an answer right now, but I’ll leave a cue: I might be moving my blog to a custom domain. 🙂 Anyways, that should in no way affect anything on my blog.

New Domain

My blog can now be accessible by 😀 I just got it registered and works fine. I’ve just used my other host just to redirect it to here until I move this blog to my other host. Yeah, I’ll be moving sometime in mid-Jan. Why? I plan on a bigger website than just a blog, and for that I’ll need better control over wordpress.

I chose not to map my domain via the upgrade on for two reasons: One, I have plans of moving; secondly, it costs an additional $10 per year (apart from the domain registrar cost)

Anyways, I’ll be configuring Frology! now. I just laid my hands on a really good looking theme and I have to mod it a bit to suit Frology!

That will be it for now. Over and out! 🙂