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  • The anatomy of a fall!

    Why do things fall? What makes them fall? Sir Isaac Newton gave us the answers a few hundred years ago! However, owing to the (not-so-recent) fall from my motorbike, I’ve been forced to think about the non-mathematical aspects of a fall. More specifically, the incident gave me an insight into what happens “during” a fall. […]

  • Have you played the waiting game?

    Have you ever wondered what your WQ (Waiting-Quotient) is? How long can you wait before your brain starts scratching the inside of your skull, rendering you irritated and ready to take a bite at the next person who pulls on that last nerve? Whether it is waiting for someone, or waiting in a queue, or […]

  • Unexpected Road Trip!

    Its so typical of the things that happen in life. They just spring up! Just like the road trip that we went on today. I took my bike to college today (Dad would normally not let me take it because of the traffic en route). After the first hour, we decided to bunk the rest […]

  • Flurry four

    I was tagged by Mary on a Meme. This is my first. 🙂 The idea is to take number 4 as the theme. 4 colors I like most: Red, Blue, White and Black. 4 movies I’d watch again: Godfather, The patriot, Police Academy Series, Lord of the Rings 4 movies I regretted watching: Apocalypto, Dhoom […]

  • Indian Premier League match at Chinnaswamy Stadium tonight!

    I had been to today’s IPL cricket match at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The match was played between the Rajhasthan Royal and the Royal Challengers. It was to begin at 8PM, but we (3 cousins, uncle and me) reached there early (around 5PM) to avoid the last minute rush. The stands were pretty empty at that […]