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  • Of happiness and misery

    Caressing her, he said: “It is by their own actions, good or bad, that men are happy or miserable. The virtues or vices of others will not affect us in the least.” Sukracharya tries to console his daughter Devayani after she is insulted and hurt by her companion – Sarmishta – the king’s daughter. (Mahabharata…

  • What an Idea, Sirji!

    A few days ago, I came up with silly expansions using the letters in the word “idea” – IDEA – Intellectual Declaration of Enhanced Apprehension (Bad) IDEA – Idiotic Disclosure of Extravagant Attitude (Good) IDEA – Innovative Deduction of an Employable Axiom What do you think? Do they make sense? 🙂

  • How much of ‘bad’ is ‘good’?

    I was contemplating upon how we tend to rate things (or even people for that matter) as good or bad. And a realistic fact hit me: Good and bad are relative and opinionated. Meaning, something good for me needn’t be so for you. Just like: ‘One man’s music is another man’s noise‘ or ‘One man’s…