Think it over..

Until a few years ago, my uncle (and his family) and we were neighbors. Essentially both our houses were in the same site. He has now moved out. He was the one who let me ride on his Kinetic every night after he returned from work. Whenever I had the time and he was home, I used to go and chat with him. He was a good sport, always encouraging me and giving any guidance I ever needed.

One day, I found this diary of his. It wasn’t necessarily a diary of events, it had an entry for everyday. But most of the page would be blank except for a few lines at the bottom. Everyday, it had the same heading – ‘Think it over..’ and it was followed by an inspirational quote. Quotes by famous personalities, proverbs and random poems which had greater meaning (underlying) to them. He gave the diary to me, as he had no time to update it anymore. I sat that day and read all the thoughts, sometimes over and over again until I was satisfied with my understanding of it.

The whole purpose of this post is to herald a new practice. A good habit must never be lost. I hope to continue what my uncle did a long time ago. I will try my best to post a quote that I find interesting and inspiring on my blog everyday. This way, if ever my uncle sees my blog, he will be happy. 🙂

Also, many of the quotes written do not have the author mentioned. If you guys happen to know it, please mention it in the comments so that I can edit the post. 🙂 Thanks.

P.S: I found an old but crisp, one rupee note neatly laid inside the diary. When I went to return it to him, he said that I owned it now and asked me not to spend it, but to hold it with me like a memoir. And I’ve made my sister its safe keeper. 🙂

P.P.S: “Think it over..” has moved to a new home – (Twitter: @thinkitover; Facebook:; RSS:

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