The Little Soul

The two kingdoms were stuck
To their unfortunate, ill luck
They met at the battle field
Peace in the concrete sealed

The sound of the mace clashing
And that of the swords slashing
Was heard all over the place
For many, many days

Though the soldiers bravely fought
For weeks and months together to pass
Little they knew and never thought
Of how the lives of the commons was

At last a little boy came to light
To stop the dreadful, bloody fight
He was surrounded by the dead and the wounded
His voice with the cries of the battle fainted

But his tender heart didn’t stop at this
Through the dreadful battlefield
The little boy saw the eternal bliss
Peace and tolerance that ought to yield

He raised his little arm and jumped to the sky
To catch the eternal beam with whim
Though half-way of his, an arrow whizzed by
He knew, but didn’t stop, that death was near him

The soldiers stared at him in wonder
Their weapons couldn’t reach his effort yonder
They dropped their arms and started to know
Peace in their blood started to flow

If it wasn’t for that little soul
The war wouldn’t have ended on the whole
The little heart had its work done
Caught the bliss and victory for everyone

9 responses to “The Little Soul”

  1. woh, that was an amazing poem. I could imagine the boy entering the battlefield almost as if he is an angel sent to stop the war by making everybody realize how stupid it is to fight, and how much better the world could be to love.

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