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  • And thereby…

    …hangs a tale. Sometimes I feel emotions play with your mind to make you more creative. Thereby hangs a tale is once such instance. *Picture courtesy of Lel4nd.

  • Facebook – a black hole of time?

    Facebook – a black hole of time?

    Facebook is a huge phenomenon, that took the world by storm. Just when everybody was getting tired of Orkut, and sharing was limited to IMs and Emails, Facebook emerged with a solution to it all. It has email – your Facebook username works as an email id ( It has chat, with video calling too! […]

  • Save some for us

    It is very unfortunate that the ever-increasing population is depleting our already diminishing natural resources. We make such a hue and cry about every special day that comes and goes. Be it the Children’s day, the Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, and so on. We spend lavishly on our loved ones; all deserving – no […]

  • The H-1B visa fee hike by the US is premature!

    Very recently, US President Barack Obama signed into law a legislation to secure the US-Mexico border with $600 million raised by massively hiking work visa fees, ignoring concerns over a “discriminatory” provision that will largely hit Indian firms, including Wipro, Tata, Infosys and Satyam. There are two parts to this story – one, the US […]

  • Read between the lines!

    “Buy 3, Take 5 FREE!” “90% Discount – Limited Period!” Its not surprising how our eyes light up when we look at an advertisement for a too-good-to-be-true (TGTBT) offer. Our hearts jump and a sudden surge of excitement rushes through our minds — “I should get that!” Our brain’s logical thinking takes a backdrop and […]