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  • Nature makes the man

    Nature makes the man

    I have always wondered why people live in places with harsh climate – why struggle every day as if it’s a battle to be won? Having been in Sweden for a while now, has brought some perspective into that thought. For most people, their place of birth is their home – the place where they […]

  • Hej Sverige från Indien!

    Hej Sverige från Indien!

    So, it’s been a while since my family and I moved to Sweden after weeks of planning and packing. We were more worried about finding Indian spices and ingredients for our daily food than anything else. Our first weeks in the country we were surprised by how much of history Sweden was able retain over […]

  • Ah, the great outdoors!

    Ah, the great outdoors!

    “Ah, the great outdoors” is a dialog that a Dryad (character in Warcraft III) says when the character is trained and ready to be controlled. It is perhaps one phrase out of the thousands I’ve heard from spending innumerable hours playing the game that I remember often. As a self-proclaimed ambivert, my weekend plan is […]