The Greatest Insult

‘Insult’ isn’t a very hard word to define. In fact, its easy to describe it when you insult; and easier when you get insulted. Formally, insult can be defined as: a rude expression intended to offend or hurt. This rude remark may not be deliberate, but 90% of the times, it is.

For me, insult means something different. Something that is inside you; rather than the effect of a remark made by someone. I define insult as an attack on the ego. And as a direct consequence of this attack, there is anger, humiliation, embarrassment, and restlessness that gets developed. These feelings, many times end up putting a person on a tensioned spring, awaiting to pounce on an opportunity to get back even with the insulter. In short: revenge mode. Apart from the direct effects, insults, especially to kids, mean discouragement, deprivation of hope, a lapse of confidence, and also a big reason for disheartening and dispiriting them.

Instead of delving into the philosophy of an insult or ego, I would present an incident that happened in my school days, but before that, this was how I was at school:

I was a person who gave more importance to knowledge rather than the marks that my report card reflected. The marks or grades that I obtained at school did not affect me at all – be it high or low. When many of my friends (especially girls) wept because they lost 2 marks, I used to laugh at them; I would have lost 10 marks! I used to get irritated and amused at the same time when sometimes my friends (specially girls, again) wept inconsolably for obtaining 98 out of 100! I would be over the clouds with marks like that!

Anyways, coming to the incident that I was going to narrate to you: this happened on the eve of my 10th Standard results. We got our results over the internet on the previous day. I had obtained 90.08%, which is pretty good; though I knew I could have done better. But like I was, it did not matter to me. Next day, I went to the school, all happy and smiling. The first teacher I met was my favorite teacher. She was my English teacher in 9th Standard; the one who had praised me before. I happily told her my result percentage and waited for her to say something. I expected a word of appreciation, or even criticizing me not to have performed even better. But as fate would have it, the greatest insult actually came from my favorite teacher! She said: “You surprised us all, Manoj”. I was dazzled for a moment and blinked at her. The sarcasm in her voice hit me so hard that I still remember the incident. I still don’t understand why she expected me to get lesser marks. I was so involved into what she said, that I don’t remember what I replied to that.

Sometimes, when I look back into all the incidents that had happened in my life, I wonder if I had lived life assuming that everyone around me *liked* me and was comfortable with me. And sometimes, I wonder if I’m still living life that way…

Another poem and a few changes

I’ve uploaded another poem that I wrote during my school days. This is titled ‘The Little Soul’ and is one of my few poems which are very dear to me. This was a poem which won me praises by the English teacher in my 9th Standard of High School.

Its about two kingdoms gripped by conflict. And how a little soul saved the bloodshed and stopped the war. Read it here: The Little Soul

The change is very inconspicuous, unnoticeable: I’ve changed my blog name to Sterex. Why? I probably don’t have an answer right now, but I’ll leave a cue: I might be moving my blog to a custom domain. 🙂 Anyways, that should in no way affect anything on my blog.

A Story and A Poem

I posted a short story and a poem I had written long time ago. You can find the links to them on the left sidebar under ‘My Works’.

This time I re-read it, it seemed like ages since I wrote them. I still have a few poems that I will post as I get time to type them from the book.

Story: The Cold Rain

Its a story about a 10-year-old. His perception of the world and generally an insight into what happens inside the brain of a little kid.

Poem: Dreams

A poem that I wrote ages ago! Sometime in 2003 – During my school days. (Too bad I did not mention the date when I wrote it!) It was inspired by a brightly-lit, starry night sky. It is also one of the earliest poems of mine.

There’s cheese after all :-)

I thought I’d not write here until exams, but couldn’t restrain myself after I found a one of my answers being selected as the best answer at Yahoo! Answers, I thought I’d post it here. 🙂

Here’s the actual link to the question. (Incase you want to look into other answers);_ylt=AqmN.J9pDY6QVcrF…

The Question:

Which would you prefer in the afterlife?

(1) A street named after you..
(2) A park named after you..
(3) A monument erected for you..

My Answer:

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

LOL! I thought a lot before I answered this one, so here it goes…

If I selected – (1) A street named after you: Well, I would never be able to walk on its sidewalk or even drive on it. So chuck!

If I selected – (2) A park named after you: Hmm… To think of it, this is better than (1) but to think of the fact that I have to bear little kids throw stones at the board which depicts my name… Bah… very bad after-life!

If I selected – (3) A monument erected for you: Nothing lasts for ever… The tides of time tears down even the mightiest of dams. So forget this one too…

If you’d let me choose what should really be named after me, I’d prefer a BAR! Funny? Give it some more thought….

Every person who’d come to drink there, would end up blessing me for time in their life when they forgot all their problems!!! LOL!

Asker’s Rating: 5 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:

I like the idea of having a bar put up in your name. So that even if I’d be dead, people could still come over to Al’s for a pint. What Happy Days those should be.


I’m getting to like the Windows Live Writer. 🙂

Some good news!

Just two days after I wrote this, Bluemistwar returns to play Runescape. Hope its like the good old days. Can’t wait for us trio to get together, though I feel the game holds anything interesting for us anymore. But it will be fun nevertheless.

I have this idea to create the website just for us. Where we could leave each other off-liners and bookmarks. Maintain a log of all the movies and music we download and watch; probably review them too. Just an idea. Hope I get time for it. I did register a UNI.CC domain for it. Its called I’ll start working on it sometime soon.

Its fun this week. Had only 3 days’ of college and since its Diwali – The Festival of Lights, the next I have to attend college again is on Monday! Diwali is a festival of sweets, fireworks and loads of fun! Read the Wikipedia article about Diwali, also the stories associated with the celebration of the festival. Traditionally, yesterday was Naraka Chaturdashi,  today is Amawasya,  and tomorrow is the Bali Padyami.

I read this nice article on the newspaper about how the scare about air pollution and noise pollution preventing people esp. children from bursting crackers. I quote: “Though it is true (the pollution), I’d like to see children sporting new clothes, bursting crackers excitedly and having a happy time.” I feel that all the things that adults are doing to contribute to pollution is far, far more dangerous than children bursting crackers once a year! The children are made to feel responsible for the wrong-doing of the adults.

If you are someone who stopped bursting crackers, thinking about pollution, I say you go out there and have some real fun and burst crackers. But if you think its really affecting the environment around you, plant a tree afterwards.