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  • Words


    What are words, but lyrics of our lives, They sing in different tunes, of merry and of sorrow. In tongues of a thousand sorts, Every so often, to steal and to borrow. To convey love, hate, anger and joy, With our minds and hearts to toy, To share hope for what is to come, And […]

  • And thereby…

    …hangs a tale. Sometimes I feel emotions play with your mind to make you more creative. Thereby hangs a tale is once such instance. *Picture courtesy of Lel4nd.

  • Communication: from pigeons to facebook!

    “Communication is the art of bringing a smile upon the face of the person listening to you” On the historical front: Communication can be conceived as the corner stone for civilization. A civilized world is unimaginable without communication between the species. Ever since the early days, man, a social being has interacted with his environment […]

  • What is love?

    Love – it is undoubtedly the most widely discussed topics any where in the world. Love knows no language, is not limited by any boundaries and when you are in love, you cannot deny the fact that it is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. Love is more giving than receiving; […]

  • Poem: The Walk

    The Walk This is one of my poems that I like a lot. I remember taking very less time writing this one and the rhyming (though not something I’m really proud of) came very smoothly. I’ve had many thoughts about the title for this poem, somehow, this one stayed. 🙂