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  • Attention to detail and user experience

    Great works of art and architecture live through ages and are appreciated, and criticized likewise. While their exuberance and extravagance strike us the most, it is the fine attention to detail that grab the appreciation (and/or criticism) of the finer eye. People spend a good portion of their earnings on holidays, visiting places of historical […]

  • Cracking the Lab! – 1

    Being in the seventh semester has had its pros and cons. However, the labs in this semester haven’t been a good experience, in terms of all the trouble we had to go through just to get the software work at our home PCs for practice. I have tried hard and come close to what you […]

  • Adobe Flex – Redefining Web 2.0

    Yesterday, I had been to “Flex Boot Camp” – a seminar on Flex conducted by Adobe. For people who don’t know what Flex is – it is a framework on the top of Flash which works provides an interface to create complete websites in Flash giving it more OO classes and functions, and HTML components […]