Adapt or perish!

As humans, we are at the top of the animal world, only because of our ability to adapt. Also, “survival of the fittest” does not really apply to human beings anymore. We have become good at protecting and supporting the not-so-fit among us. In the age of information, it is now the “survival of the wisest”.

Of course, who among us is wise? COVID-19 has raised the dust off the stupidity in the world. People having large following on social media have realized how easy it is to spread misinformation and the gullible fall for it over and over again.

No amount of artificial intelligence can combat human stupidity.

Everyone was excited that internet would democratize content creation by reducing the barrier to create for the masses. However, it also amplified the village idiots, who, until now everybody was happy to ignore. The greatest skill that the next generation needs to develop is the ability to filter truth from the landfill of misinformation. What to pay attention to, and what to ignore will determine how much time you will have for other important things in your life. I never thought there would be a day that ignorance would also become a skill!

In many ways, the Coronavirus has proven to be more adaptable than many human beings. It has mutated in several ways in such a short time, all the while when many people have the audacity (stupidity) to call it a hoax, refuse to wear masks, and continue to meet others.

The primary casualty of stupidity is humanity.

In this war against the virus, we have already lost several hundred thousand people. And after an year of struggle, there are still many who deny its effects. It is exhausting. Humanity has taken a back seat. Everyone has had enough.

Good progress is being made with the vaccine despite all this, and it is good to be hopeful about our ability to adapt.

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