The little things

Station Triangeln, Malmö

After the terrible twos, a parent can only hope that things improve. But little do we know that when they turn 3, kids become threenagers!

Threenagers are a species with unlimited energy! Unbound curiosity; always listening; attention back-holes; and fearless adventurers!

They listen to everything you say and use it in contexts unimaginable to you — causing potentially embarrassing situations. You’re surprised at the transformation from the monsters at 2, to turn into mini-lawyers at 3. This species is adept at negotiation, masters at manipulation – they know how to react to each parent based on their moods; also know whom to ask when and how so that the decision is in their favor.

They are incredibly attentive to detail and so good at picking up patterns!

The photo above is what you would see if you looked out of the train window at the Triangeln station in Malmö. The following exchange occurred between me and my 3-year-old when the train stopped here:

Me: S, do you know which station this is?

S: Yes, it is Triangeln.

Me: (surprised, because he could not recognize it before that day) That’s right! But how do you know?

S: Because there are triangles here.

Me: (searching for a triangle all over the place, gave up) I can’t find it. Where is it?

S: (pointing at the wall) There.

I travel there every day, but failed to notice the tiny triangles in the pattern on the wall! It made me realize that growing older trains us to look at the bigger picture so often that we miss looking at the little things.

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