Take2: Buzzed into the new office!

It did happen at last. Almost all the employees scheduled to move to the new office at Divyashree Technopolis have occupied their new seats. Some are thrilled, while others are disappointed as they have to travel the extra ~10km everyday. However, one would expect that the excitement of a new place would sideline all the other qualms and give people a fresh beginning. Unfortunately, that was not the case for many, including me.

We were quite literally “buzzed” into the new office – buzzed by the swarm of mosquitoes, which would greet us everyday during our initial stint at the new building. The mosquitoes gracefully sang melodies after melodies in perfect symphony that would even shame the great Mozart or give our own Himesh Reshammiya a run for his money! And in turn, many of us became skilled mosquito-hunters, nothing short of the famed Ninjas. By week 2 at the new office, I was pretty much adept at catching them mid-air (though not as good as Rajnikanth catching a bullet) and debilitating them. I had not felt this murderously vile ever before! If you had the chance to walk by my workstation, you would notice a picture of a solemn graveyard overlooking a persistent funeral of numerous mosquitoes.


My murdering ways came to a stop, thankfully, by the efforts of the facilities staff who managed to drive (almost) all the mosquitoes away by week 4 (I think). And further more, I’m happy none of us caught any mosquito-related illnesses.

On the bright side, we were welcomed by a flash mob dance routine by some of our colleagues.Here it is, if anyone’s interested.

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