Of ideas and drafts!

Not long ago, I used to become angry that I did not document an idea when I got one, and many times, I’d forget it entirely. To overcome this, I started creating draft posts on my blog and save for completing them later. This went on well, only for me to realize that the “later” has never arrived for many posts that are pending for over a year! A visit to my drafts page(s) shows a stack of posts with either only titles or half-written content.

Is this the (in)famous writer’s block? If it really is so, I’d be gloating because I’m not much of a writer anyway! 😀

According to Wikipedia, a writer’s block occurs because of:

  • lack of creative ideas – Does not really hold true for me because I have no dearth of ideas.
  • lack of inspiration – Hmm.. Not really, I do visit my blog very often to reply to comments, visit other people’s blogs that I follow. So, I’ve not lost interest as such.
  • stress, illness, depression, etc. – No, none really.

So, (un)fortunately, I don’t think I’m suffering from a writer’s block, just procrastination. 🙂 Well, simply put, it’s time to clean up my dusty draft-shelf with dedicated blog time.

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