New Word: Loof

Loof (n): The opposite of a fool; a person who does things believed to be crazy, but does a brilliant job of it. Often used to describe a brilliant yet crazy person.

One would expect a loof to be rich after he invented the remote control.

Loof (v): To act with an air of confident carelessness.

Don’t loof around as if you know everything.

Loofily (adj.): To behave like a loof (see above).

He loofily went about creating stuff.

I so wanted to come up with a word for “a foolish genius” after reading this oatmeal comic. And I dedicate this to Nikola Tesla. The greatest loof there can ever be.

P.S.: Somebody add this to the dictionary!

One response to “New Word: Loof”

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    Brilliant one! Clearing the misconception about Edison, and binging in forth the real Inventor(Geek) is indeed a great contribution to humanity!

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