My God!

“We believe in light because of obscurity,
We believe in joy because of sadness,
And we believe in God, because of the devil!”

– Enigma

 The truth of the above statements is quite unimportant. Yet, it sparks silent questions in our minds. And the answer we get, is silence again. Science may have taught us “how” the earth revolves around the sun, or “how” sun rises and sets everyday. But our search must not end there. The real question is “Why?”. Why should the earth revolve around the sun? More feasibly, what makes the earth revolve around the sun?

Gravity? Their mass difference? The distance? Ultimately, Big Bang?

Well, why should the Big Bang have occurred? “Who made the matter, the elements, defining perfect roles for each of them? The complex symmetry in nature is not yet understood completely. As much as Charles Darwin might have explained the theory of evolution, the question “why” still remains unanswered. Why was the evolution necessary at all? We could have ‘happily’ remained amoebae!

Coming back to the idea of creation of the universe, we will, sooner or later, have to accept the role of a ‘supernatural power’ or a driving force that sustains all the happenings of the universe. Call it anything – For me, it’s God.

My understanding of God is far from being religious. For me, God is gravity. God is light. God is the unwritten law that makes fire burn, water flow and perhaps the spark that triggered the universe. God is the human intellect, that conjures so many wonderful things each and every day. I believe God is in every act of man that benefits another and hurts no one. And God is the conscience that guides, the intellect that inspires, and the heart that helps.

In today’s scenario, God is largely related to religion, festivities, and to a never-ending myth of existence. God is often spoken of, when debating upon topics like life, death and sometimes even life-after-death. Yet, why do we think of God during times of distress, disaster and impending danger? God is hope; the light at the end of the tunnel; the maker of the universal law of life and more than anything, God is the eternal faith that burns in each and every one of us. If it is a form of faith that builds harmony among people, why not? But if that faith is to kill and plunder; it is misguided.

Someday, I wish we will have enough knowledge and ‘science’ to understand my God. 🙂

3 responses to “My God!”

  1. Wow! Wat a thought! Loved the way u ‘ve started the topic wid the universe n then connecting it wid a ‘supernatural force’ .. Very nice! I ‘m sure ur God also would smile at ur article..:-) Good job!:-)

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