A comical rundown!

Comics have always captured my imagination ever since I was a kid – I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say so. From the Champak to Tinkle, from the occasional Phantom to He-Man, comics have been hours and hours of fun for me as a kid. I still remember the days when I used to hide the comics under my pillow, under the bed, inside my school books and steal a read every now and then. Well, I still follow many comics on the web – and since most of them have changed, I thought I’d give a rundown on them.

#1 Calvin and Hobbes

Probably the most liked comic on earth! The adventures of Calvin and his (toy) tiger Hobbes and his take on the mysteries of life. Highly recommended read for all ages!
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#2 The miserable world of Prometheus

Based on the mythological story, the comic is mostly a dialog between Prometheus and the Eagle that eats his liver every day. Though the comic has been discontinued, you can read through all the comics in one page here.

#3 Spud Comics

Spud Comics isn’t theme based. It is a comic about random stuff put together. It is one of the longest running comics starting in 2008!

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#4 Doghouse

Doghouse is a web-comic conjured by three friends which is also random musings about every day life. Many of their comics are very witty!

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XKCD is a very popular, geeky web comic. Comics generally trend on Science, Internet, Geography etc. etc. 🙂

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#6 Abstruse Goose

Abstruse Goose is also a comic that does not delve on a theme. Does lean towards the geeky side a little, but not always. Generally a fun read for all.

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#7 Dilbert

Dilbert is a very popular comic among us IT folks. Though whatever described in the comic (about the hazards of working in the IT industry) is mostly superlative, we can relate to it!

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#8 Piled Higher and Deeper

PHD is similar to XKCD in its tendency to be geeky most of the time. But is a great fun nevertheless.

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#9 Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal

SMBC is updates on theology, science, history including everything in between and many times is not-safe-for-work (NSFW). So, some discretion may be advised.

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#10 Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle is about the main character’s work hazards. Something unique to Urban Jungle is that it uses animals as civilized co-characters.

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#11 Questionable Content

Questionable Content is a web-comic series revealing the lives of Marten, Dora, Raven, Faye and Hannelore. And not to forget, the awesome robots! 🙂

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There you have it. Those are all the comics I follow regularly. Got any more suggestions?


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