English – In my life

I love English for two reasons. One, because I can express myself better in it. And two, because its a funny language. Also, it is probably the only language whose speech accent changes every few hundred kilometers almost everywhere in the world. In India, it probably varies with every person!

I took to liking English early in my school days, when I was in the 4th Standard (about 10 years old). I have to thank my teachers for making the lessons that interesting to me. I remember my 4th Standard English teacher Mrs. Samyuktha Devi, who also taught us History in the 6th Standard. I have no clue where she is now. Only thing I know about her is that she moved to Australia. Then came Mrs. Shylaja; she was a very good teacher too. Taught us English in the 6th Standard. The real passion for writing developed in me when I was in the 9th Standard when Mrs. Chandrika Ravikumar was my teacher. She was amazing. She requested for a special hour every week from the then Headmistress (Mrs. Leelavathy Gururaj) called the creativity period. We got a chance to showcase our talents during that hour every week. A few sang songs, displayed paper craft and we even had a play that we performed within the classroom. Oh, that was a lot of fun!

I wrote poetry and stories and read it out loud to the class. The poem ‘The little soul‘ was the one I remember reading out to the class and getting praised for it. 😀 And then, the story was titled ‘Mysteries of Vreen’ – which was very much influenced by my reading of ‘Secrets of Droon’ by Tony Abbot. I used to write a little for every week and it was read out in the class. A few months later, (after my 9th Standard) I stopped writing it; I felt guilty of copying the idea from another story series. Anyways, it did help me write better.

I did write more poems; some silly ones. And when I was in my Pre-University college, I started the ‘Warriors of Might and Magic’ (title tentative) which is yet to be completed. There was also a few other short stories and essays I wrote – which I hope to put up on the blog sometime. And about the same time, I started this blog, which at first was a collection of jokes and e-mail forwards; so not much of creative writing involved. But since about 10 months (see archives), I have changed it to my personal blog. And ever since then, I’ve learned a lot about writing too.

And that’s the history of English in my life. If you have such histories, do share it in your blog, or comment here. I’m sure some of us who studied English as our secondary language would have. 🙂


15 responses to “English – In my life”

  1. Very good to have you back Manoj. How was your vacation? And true. I started liking English only through my teachers. Mrs. Tharu and Geetha Mahalingam. Both of them very exceptional teachers. I too am writing a story. But not willing to share it until it is finished. It is a combined effort by me and Harsha.

  2. Accents change with every person in India, true. And in some cases it changes inside the person too… 😀
    And regarding the story Anniyan said… Stay Tuned…

  3. Btw, I’m going to employ my interest for english.

    You must know that I absolutely hated english language. But some years ago I was a GREEN DAY’s fan, and I have begun to appreciate this language.

  4. However, just from October I am working hard to learn it very well, by studying alone. It is a true passion for myself. I think that if in future I’ll travel, this will be a very useful thing!! 😀

  5. @Harsha:
    I’m eager to read it!!

    That’s nice. A music band inspired you to learn better English? I need to listen to French music! 😛

    Best of luck with your English! 🙂

  6. @sterex: mmmh I don’t like French very much… However, thank u, I hope that I’ll speak perfectly English and I’ll learn the words that I still don’t know soon… 🙂


  7. I don’t love English. Maybe like a little but never loved. I hate grammar. Remembering all the rules on what word to pair with which is a torture. It’s actually one of my worst subject in college.

    There was a time in college when I did the the prayer in our Church and the next day (a monday)my grammar teacher criticized the way I delivered it. Imagine, I was praying and all he can think of was intonation and pronunciation. I don’t like grammar teachers. 😀

    But English a necessity. 🙂 Funny thing is, I can express myself better in it too. Fact, I can make better poems and essays in English than in my native tongue.

    On the other hand, your English, Manoj, is impeccable.

  8. @smallstar:
    You are good with English, don’t you worry. 🙂 Hmm.. Though I can’t possibly know how you ‘speak’. Good luck with it as well.

    I can understand your problem with grammar Bong. And you are certainly not the only one who has it. Somehow, I liked the grammar as well. Don’t ask me why; ’cause I have no idea. 😛

    Ouch! God doesn’t care about your grammar! Your teacher must have helped you with it rather than criticize.

    Hey, I’m someone who has read a lot of posts, articles and blog entries of yours. And yes, you are very good too. 🙂

    Well, that’s a compliment I’m yet to earn; I still have a lot to improve upon. 🙂

  9. @ sterex

    I live in australia and im asian australian, im basically can speak Fluent English but the problem is that i can’t speak my Original nationality language properly lol.

    Well done learning English sterex and you others 😀

  10. @Jezzar:
    Hello and welcome to my blog. 🙂

    Your problem is of the dialect. Don’t worry, the idea of the dialect is fading away. Soon some day, everyone will understand all accents and dialects of English. 🙂

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