I’m Back! :-)

Its been a while since I came online, and I’m already sluggish at my keyboard! o.O

My exams went OK – as usual. Can’t expect a VTU student to say he has done exceptionally well in his exams; unless he/she is a bookworm who lives inside the books!

Well, books and bookworms apart, its good to be back. And as always, I got all the brilliant ideas for blogging during the time of my exams! However, this time, I have had the good mind to jot them down. I also have a list of things I’ll have to do in the holidays, which by the way stretches over this month! Yay! 🙂 So, hopefully you’ll see a flurry of posts coming up. I’ll be continuing the ‘Think it over..’ series as well.

In other news, I bought a computer table to support my 5-year-old PC; its *old* you see. Seems like old wine in a new bottle. 😛

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