Firefox 3 is coming!

The latest and the much awaited version of the Firefox is all set to be released today! Of all the years I have known internet for, this is one software that people have been waiting for a long time, with huge expectations. I’m sure Mozilla will live up to them. The release is scheduled at 10.30 PM IST. (Click to know your local time)

Banking on the amazing hype that Firefox version 3 has created much before its release, Mozilla is hoping to set a new world record on the total downloads of a software in one day. To support this cause, click on the image below to pledge to download Firefox 3 within the 24 hours of its release.

Download Day - English

The restructured browser engine has been improved to work 250% faster and with it, brings a host of new features which only promises to makes the browser more hot! With 18% stake in the global browser market, Mozilla hopes to see that figure go up. One thing that the Firefox 3 is sure to do: Add fuel to the burning browser-war, and definitely stand up as a tough competition to other browsers. Microsoft’s Windows Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Opera – Watch out!

Edit: 2.08 AM 18th June, 2008

Here is my certificate of download!
Download Day Certificate

3 responses to “Firefox 3 is coming!”

  1. Me too man.. I’m waiting since 30 mins.. And the server ain’t responding! Its a bit pissing off!

    This isn’t the way Mozilla prepares for a world record!

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