2 years since I started blogging!

I’m very happy that, its been over two years since I started blogging (05 Apr, 2006) with WordPress.com. Before that, I had an account with Blogster.com, which was formerly Blogster.net. Anyways, it wasn’t long before I switched over to WordPress.

Where are the archives?

Well, when I started off the blog, it was mainly to put up online my large collection of jokes and email forwards. I have now moved it to a different place. (Its still under development, and I’ll give out the link once its up 🙂 ) So, I wasn’t much of a writer then; I’m not so now either, owing to the amount of ‘creative’ time I spend on writing these days.

Anyways, I read Mary’s article on her finding of a news-piece, which put forth the bad effects of addiction to blogging. And also Caroline‘s comment which linked to an interesting post. It talked of the freedom of a blogger and the sense of ‘Blogging Without Obligation’ (BWO). After thinking about it a lot, I think addiction to blogging is the safest addiction out there! 😉 😛

2 responses to “2 years since I started blogging!”

  1. Thanks for the nod here, Manoj. Congrats on reaching two years. I’ve got a few months to go before I reach that milestone. Funny, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I guess it must be a safe addiction.

  2. For me, it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for that long. Because, this blog (my serious blogging adventure) began in Oct ’07. So its about 6 months old.

    But I began blogging (on and off) 2 years ago! 😀

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