My bike’s first service

I rode the bike for 664 km in one month (after bluemistwar said it would be impossible for me to cross 500!) before my Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi finally went in for its first service. The first service was a huge breather for me; in terms of the speed I can now ride my bike in. Before this, I maintained it around 40 kmph; now, I exceed it by at least 10 kmph. The manual says I have to limit the top speed below 65 kmph (until it runs 1000 km) for a good running-in of the engine.

I left it for servicing at Khivraj Motors, the same place I bought it. The service cost me Rs. 210 (roughly $5.25) which was supposed to be free (apparently, only the labour charges are waived off). I got it back on the evening of the same day. The service was good; the bike felt smoother and the gear shifts were less noisy. The clutch lever seems a little loose. And there is a little scratch on the side of the bike. I’m not sure if it happened during the service or after or before it. But its irritating!

The mileage just before I left it for service was around 47 kmpl. And after I got it back, I rode about a 100km; yet to calculate the mileage.

And by the way, today was the first time I did not ride the bike ever since I bought it.


10 responses to “My bike’s first service”

  1. so…. the first stage of taking care of the bike is over…. i clked ’round 639 km b4 first service…. and unfortunately now…. my bike’s mileage has dropped by 1.5 km and is there at 38.5….. gotta re tune my riding habit….. i think tht will settle the matter a little…. (it has happened b4 too… so im hopeful…)

    • I take new bike in october-18 I got 54 kmpl mileage from Bajaj pulsar 150 classic before my my 500 KM (first servicing ), My rigging skills pretty rough, I Ride my bike 60-70 k/h ,,after 400 km it gives smooth performance in all speed ,gear shifting ,pickup ,lets see what happen after my first servicing,

  2. @jayakrishnan:
    I heard from a friend that RTR160’s mileage deteriorates over time.
    And besides, Bong is from Thailand. Improbable to find RTR there. 😛

  3. i have new bajaj pulsar 150 DTSi 2012 june ….bike is so smooth n easy to drive …now it is in the stage of 1st service….it costs around 550 rs…is it a free service or a paid service..anyway i like my comfort to travel long distances

    • Hey, congrats for your new Pulsar. I’m not sure if it is free or paid. (I mean, if you pay for anything more than engine oil, it is paid service.)


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