A Story and A Poem

I posted a short story and a poem I had written long time ago. You can find the links to them on the left sidebar under ‘My Works’.

This time I re-read it, it seemed like ages since I wrote them. I still have a few poems that I will post as I get time to type them from the book.

Story: The Cold Rain

Its a story about a 10-year-old. His perception of the world and generally an insight into what happens inside the brain of a little kid.

Poem: Dreams

A poem that I wrote ages ago! Sometime in 2003 – During my school days. (Too bad I did not mention the date when I wrote it!) It was inspired by a brightly-lit, starry night sky. It is also one of the earliest poems of mine.

2 responses to “A Story and A Poem”

  1. Yay, Manoj! You’ve posted a story and a poem – sure steps toward becoming known as a writer. Nice job on both. Tell me, what do the four stars symbolize in “Dreams”?

  2. I still remember that day when I stared at the sky and found the four stars aligned like a cross. They did not mean anything to me as such. But as soon as I saw that, I rushed inside, grabbed my book and pen and jotted the lines down. 🙂

    Probably one of my quickest compositions too. 🙂

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