Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Vs Yahoo! Messenger (Y!M)

Just when I had enough of the legendary “Microsoft Internet Explorer (now known as Windows Internet Explorer) Vs Mozilla Firefox” debate, I’ve noticed a feeble exchange of words on a newer debate: The WLM vs Y!M. This apparently is not a feature-war. No one is worried about which is safer; and no one is bothered about which Instant Messenger (IM) the other person is using; and more importantly, in contrary to the IE vs FF debate, nobody thinks that the other person ought to have used his preference. I guess this is more healthier a debate!

Anyways, to start off, when I say WLM, I’m not referring to the Windows Messenger that Microsoft cheaply ported with all Windows versions (hope Vista doesn’t have it) I’m talking about the Windows Live Messenger that you can find here. And btw, I hate the Windows Messenger — not WLM!

Well, with that bit cleared up, on the very first look at both WLM and Y!M, I’d prefer WLM. Simply because it has come a long way when compared to the sluggish-looking Windows Messenger. A lot has changed; rather improved. Its more sleek and the newest version wears the Vista look. (Microsoft is changing all its software’s interface to match with Vista’s; wonder why?) The best part of the new WLM is its smiley set. The animated smileys say a lot more than normal smileys convey. And they are a real fun to watch when used aptly.

Coming to Y!M, I was a regular user of Y!M for many years. Back then, it seemed like the only messenger people used on the net. Somehow, today, it has lost its popularity. I blame it entirely on the lack of major changes in its looks. 5 years ago, the Y!M’s interface looked very much like today’s except for the major change in the title bar. One thing that was good and stayed good with Y!M is its games. Awesome fun; won’t know the time passing.

Good things about WLM:

  • No annoying search button when you hover on text in the IM window.
  • The ads and the search bar on the bottom of the main WLM window is well placed and are inconspicuous when compared to the placing in Y!M.
  • Can change the background image and the interface color of the IM window.
  • Similar to Gtalk, WLM has custom messages that can be viewed by everyone. Easy to say something to everyone without having to type it out for each of them.

I guess the debate is going to become meaning-less if Microsoft takes over Yahoo! However, I’d say WLM is better than Y!M any day. More over, since you can IM Yahoo! users through WLM also, it must not matter much.

Happy IM-ing!

15 responses to “Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Vs Yahoo! Messenger (Y!M)”

  1. Haven’t really used Y!M to any large degree so I can’t say much about it, but WLM is definitely a very solid messenger. I tend to use it along with AIM through the Trillian client.

  2. WLM crashes alot and has HEAPS of errors, like, alot of my friends get signed out for no reason, then get signed back in, and today messages kept not sending between me and my contacts, they were having the same problem.

    And MS hasnt updated messenger for mac, which is making mac users not very happy.

  3. hey,
    microsoft is amazing, the windows live messenger is a great program. also windows live mail client, and winows live photo gallery

  4. It seems so that Microsoft did work on the bugs. I did not get any noticeable updates that happened to my messenger, but I think it was a configuration problem at the MSN servers that was fixed. Nevertheless, it seems to be working fine now.

    You must be a real hardcore fan of Microsoft’s. 🙂 I do like a few programs of theirs. But not all.

  5. Windows Live Messenger is SO much better than Yahoo!

    You also forgot to mention Winks… Yahoo! doesn’t have those. 😛

    Wait, is that what you meant by animated smileys? Well… sorry if that’s what you meant. 🙂

    My friend uses Yahoo!, and I’ll show him this page to prove his WRONG!

    Thanks for writing this. 🙂

  6. Hey Gene. 🙂

    Yup. Yahoo! messenger seems to have stagnated in terms of its improvements. Well, I guess Yahoo! has too much to think of besides the messenger right now.

  7. Windows Live Messenger has a ton of features but you’re forgetting one thing. It is a PAIN IN THE ASS to get it to work! Video calls? I’ve tried for 2 days to get this thing to work before I gave up. Yahoo Instant Messenger may be a little primitive-looking in comparison, but everything WORKS! There are no bugs, there are no connection issues, and every message I send gets received! How can you gush about a bunch of stupid “features” when the core program is a piece of junk? Give me YIM over WLM every time! It may not be pretty but it works and file transfers are so much faster!

  8. I’d say WLM is probably the best to date. Especially the 2011 finaal release. Ym like the author says is practically covered with Ads. And btw, if you have problems with WLM try updating to the latest if problems still persist reinstall WLM.

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