My New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

I bought a new bike (motorcycle) – Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi. I’ve been riding it like a maniac (partly explains why I wasn’t in front of my PC blogging. 😀 ) I was impressed by this bike in the 150 cc class ever since its induction into the market and they have always made it better and better. The latest version which I have bought has a little modified body, but its greatest upgrade lies in its digital speedometer display system. The digital display also shows the odometer, fuel indicator, and has two ‘trip odometers’. The RPM meter however is analog; the combination is pretty good. The dome has been changed a little from the earlier versions of the pulsar and the headlights have been improved. The indicators switch off automatically after the turn. (Though, I feel this bit of technology is a little bugged. 😛 )

The riding comfort for the rider is OK. But the pillion comfort is good. I’ve heard from ‘Pele’ (Pele’s brother also owns a pulsar 150) that the bike’s mileage is about 50Km/L. Right now, I’ve ridden the bike for almost 440 Km, after cumulatively filling the tank with about 10.2 Litres of petrol, and the fuel is already in reserve. Right now, (before the first service; idling high) I’m approximating the mileage to be around 40-45 Km/L. I’ll drop it for its first service on 17th Feb (which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday!)

One irritating part of buying a new bike is the running-in! Having to ride the bike at ‘snail’ speeds of 40-50 Kmph is sickening. But that’s okay. The excitement still lives on. 🙂

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  1. hmmm…… my fav topic… biking…..
    my bike too comes from the same stable of bajaj tho the segment is different (i didn’t prefer to use the word ‘class’ for reasons of differences in opinions).
    tho we’ve had these discussions before this one’s different…… its in the blog…. so its oneway for time being 😉
    coming to mine, i ride a mammoth 180cc, 180 something kgs heavy Avenger. (i dont know whom i am avenging 😉 but for now let it be for my bike’s tyres against the horrible roads i ride… but pity there’s been no remedy yet… 😦 )
    the ride is smooth and there’s no pain in ur ass on long journeys too (unless u r carrying gravel in ur undergarments… 😉 )
    the pillion riding is heaven provided u have a good rider (such as me), with the back rest coming exactly to support ur lower back and giving u a feel of a miniature sofa.
    the comfort comes with the tag of a cruise bike….
    coming to what really matters…. the engine is a 16.5bhp one @ 8000 rpm and gives u varied accelerations with ease…. the torque provides smooth motion at low rpms too without stalling….
    and the feature i like the best is the absence of a fuel indicator…. it doesnt get on ur nerves coz u never see the low fuel mark….. but u shud definetely be cautious abt this coz u shud refill before 100 kms riding below the reserve mark….

  2. Yep! Avenger is an awesome bike too. 🙂 I hope there will be a day when your bike’s tires can avenge the friction it has to go through everyday along those nasty roads. 😛

    Hehe, the fuel indicator has its benefits and also one irritating part, which you have mentioned. 😉


    Its a hard decision to make. Both are good at power.

    I suggest you test ride both of them. And buy the best you like. 🙂

    Apart from that, if you like to cruise go for the Avenger (200cc). I’ve heard its awesome. Or else if you are someone who likes raw power, the Pulsar (200cc or 220cc) is very good too.

    I’m not sure if you are still getting the 180cc version of Avenger anymore. Consult your local dealer for more information.

  4. Hi all,
    I bought pulsar dtsi150 this Saturday. When I was thinking of buying a bike I had few options in my mind

    1 Bullet Electra
    2 Hunk from Hero Honda &
    3 TVS Apache RTR 160

    I went through all the websites to see which bike I should go for, to tell you guys, I am a tech savvy guy and know where to search what.

    After my intense researching I realised that if I buy Bullet then I get raw power and style and long distance travel and believe me that is what I always wanted from a bike. I am fanatic about long distances and travelling places.

    One thing I realised that if I buy bullet I will find myself a mammoth who knows how to drink fuel. I am aware of the fuel prices and know that in the near future the fuel are not going to be cheap, to me Bullet was everything, it was like a dream for me but this petrol hike broke it in many folds.

    Also I realised that even if I buy a bullet still I will have no friends with Bullets to go long distance. So I decided if I have nowhere to go but to roam in Delhi then what will I do with my Bullet and with an average of 30-35 I realised that it was not a best deal for me.

    Suggestion: Do not buy Bullet if your dad is not rich and if you don’t have friends who have bullet bikes because may be you can go long distance but they can’t.

    Then I thought of buying Hero Honda Hunk, I liked the styling of this bike and it looked really cool to me. But when I started reading about Hunk I felt it is nothing but CBZ Extreme as the engine in Extreme and Hunk is the same.

    If the heart is same then how does it matter if the looks are slightly better? Also I heard form my biker friends that Hunk has some problem with the Engine as it chokes during rain and the average was also low to 40-45.

    Hunk has good looks but the major thing is the heart which is no good. I know that Hero Honda has a name in the market but still I think when we compare to the pick up of Hunk and Pulsar, Pulsar sure has an advantage. Also tech features like Digi-meter and trip meter and also in the term of fuel efficiency Pulsar is better than Hunk, Bullet and Apache.

    Suggestion: Go for Hunk if you are tired of seeing too much Pulsar on the road. But the fuel efficiency is not worth and also don’t feel embarrassed when a Pulsar zooms ahead of your Hunk every now and then.

    Then it was TVS Apache, I read lot about it and saw it on the road, TVS claims that Apache is the best bike in the 150 segment, well, I don’t think so. Only 160cc engine does not make much difference. The bike is too small and I have read that after crossing 80 the bike trembles lot, which is not good for a bike. Also if we talk about the fuel efficiency then the bike gives an average of 42-45 km. Unexpected from a TVS product. The front and the rear disk brakes are good but then it is a small bike and has the similar performance like Pulsar.

    Suggestion: Do not go for Apache if you are tall and if you want good mileage from your bike.

    Finally it was the final stop at Pulsating Pulsar, I always knew that it is a great bike but too much pulsars on the road made me sick. I liked the digital meter and all the tech-savvy advantages in Pulsar.

    I initially was confused between Pulsar 150 and 180 but I finally settled with 150 due to its average. 150 give a mammoth average of 50-55 on the streets of crowded streets of Delhi. Also the pick-up and the styling of the bike are great.

    You only feel the power of this mean machine when you ride one otherwise there is always escalating about the performance. I liked the seating and the new DTSI’s pillion seat is very sporty.

    The bike gives you a complete package, power, performance, mileage, styling and lot more the faith in Bajaj, the company has stayed in the country when scooters ruled and the name Bajaj signified the families and happiness of the country. Remember the song hamara Bajaj.

    The same company has made this bike and definitely this bike is doing great, you can count the numbers on the road. The Pulsars engine is one of the finest engines made by Bajaj and this bike has great capabilities.

    This bike can go long distance and with its latest tech features it has become a great bike and desired by youngsters. When you ride it you feel the power and the amalgamation of great styling and performance at the same time.

    Suggestion: Buy a Pulsar if you don’t want to repent and when you want great pick-up and great mileage and great performance and do not want to spend on the bike maintenance and want to look good on a bike and want to impress your friends and want to win girls heart and finally to be happy.

    Not much but this is true I think we should change the name Pulsar and should name it a Happiness bike because it spreads nothing less than happiness when it comes in your life.

    Enjoy riding on your Pulsar. Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm

  5. Hey, very nice of you to drop by and share your thoughts. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed with the bike’s performance.

    When I was buying the bike (6 months ago), I also had the choice of the Unicorn – which was highly recommended by a few of my friends. But somehow, I liked the Pulsar; and I haven’t regretted it anytime till now!

    Enjoy your bike and ride safely. 🙂

  6. i have a pulsar 150. it was nothing but a shit.It has fatty obese tank which not in good shape. seat is not comfertable.IT looks more ordinary than hero honda cd 100. over all quite common in india streets. I don’t want to appreciate this hopeless slut.

    pick up less than CBZ and Hunk. Hunk looks like a king.
    I don’t have Hero honda hunk. But hunk gives definately male look. Pulsar is nothing before muscle hunk. Pulsar is weaker in looks and Pickups. Hunk has a pick up of Beast. Even you can defeat pulsar 180. looks are agressive in hunk. Hunk to pagale saand hai. Girls are more biased towards hunk than pulsar these days. The only drawback in the hunk is milege.the milege is 40 to45.

  7. @janmejai kaushik:
    Hahaha! Thanks for your thoughts too. Though I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, I’d rather have it in clean tongue.

    Well, I agree the pick up of the Pulsar 150 is low, (not very, but yes), but I cannot compare it with the Hunk. If you ride the 180 or the 200, you’ll know the difference. Besides, the gear ratios in the new CBZ is rotten! Also the mileage for a 150-180cc class vehicle is much lesser than Pulsar.

    Just the fact that it is very common suggests the number of people liking it. I don’t understand how that could be a negative aspect.

    LOL! About girls being biased towards Hunk; right now, my stomach is aching with laughter. Dude, you are buying a bike to ride on it or impress girls? Decide that first before you comment on the bike. No offense but really, WAKE UP! 😛

  8. Hey,
    I own a bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi and done 2000 kms. I love my bike by all means except few things like vibration on handle bar and head light beam. Head light beam focus was very bad and beam has to be adjusted for single riding and for pillion rider every time, also night riding was very critical with this head light.
    Please advice me to overcome above said defects

  9. @Veera:
    Vibration on the handle bar? Or is it the front dome? If its the handle bar, get it checked during your next service. If its the dome, there is always a little vibration when you are traveling on uneven surfaces. If the vibration exists on smooth roads as well, get it checked; there may be a screw which is lost or lose.

    About the light beam focus, I’m hearing this for the first time. I really have had no such problems till date.

  10. Hey, i am thinking of a buying a new pulsar. I am not sure whether to buy a 150 or 180. 200 is too much for me.

    Can any one please tell me what running mileage you guys get for 180.

    I am more inclined to 150. But 180 is tempting

    Thanks for your help, Sreeram

  11. If 200 is out of the picture, you’ll have to decide how inclined towards good mileage you are. I get about 47-52 Kmpl on my P-150. And as far as I have heard, the P-180’s mileage is around 38-42 Kmpl. The pickup in the 180 is much better (you will notice this when you ride with a pillion) but the top speed does not vary much.

    Also, the P-180 comes with an all-black engine as compared to the metallic-silver engine in the P-150.

    Why don’t you take a look at the Avenger-200 as well?? Only if it fits your requirements though. 🙂

    Inquire more about mileage from current owners. Also, I suggest you test ride both the bikes before you make the choice. 🙂

    Good Luck. 😀

  12. Hey, Manoj ..Can u tell me the mileage of P200. I got a P180 3 months back, but was planning for 200. that time evry 200 owner told me the mileage of 200 is 30-32. Now my room-mate is confused between P180/200. 180 has given me mileage of 34-44…average of 38.5(exact figure) in Bangalore [:(].
    But my friend has a 200 and he is claiming a mileage of 40. Regarding the driving style, I had a Splendor after 10 and P150 in college. And P200 is his first bike. So keep that aside…[:P]

  13. Well, firstly, P200 was a better option for you 3 months ago. But don’t fret. A mileage of anywhere close to 44 is very good for a P180 and try not to rip every time you ride; you won’t get that mileage otherwise.

    Coming to the P200, 2 of my friends own it. What you need to consider is how old is your friend’s P200 that he claims to get 40kmpl on. Because, initially (within 2 or 3 services – < 5000km) my friend got a mileage of around 35-37 on his P200. Right now, it has dropped to about 32-34 kmpl.

    Also, you need to consider the riding style and the kind of fuel you use. And 40kmpl on a P200 is not unrealistic; yet, its hard to achieve unless your friend is riding his P200 without ever ripping or even crossing 60kmph. Otherwise, he is seriously joking! 😛

  14. Thanks for the reply Manoj….Well for the bike lovers here…can someone tell me the maximum speed a Pulsar 180 and Apache RTR has reached…… Apache has reached 132kmph. Has any P180 or P200 reached more than 132???????????????

  15. How sure are you that the RTR reached 132kmph? The maximum that I have reached on my P150 until now is 108kmph (with a pillion). And my friend has hit 125kmph on his P200. (P200’s on-page top-speed is 135kmph) I dont really know the P180’s top speed for sure; but hey, shouldn’t you be the one to tell me that? 🙂

  16. yeah…mine P180 reached 116 with pillion and I have taken Apache to 124 kmph and 132 kmph is the speed claimed by my frend who owns it…actually not claimed, its for sure…..rmbr the new Apache has the feature of recording ur maximum speed 🙂 as well as time for 0-60 kmph.[Cool isnt it]
    It was on Bangalore-Mysore express-way where all these maximum speeds were tested……I believe P180 can reach upto 130 as well but at that time my second service was due and it just got stuck at 116 😦

  17. hi there All u THE pulsar fans.
    One, Its a proud moment for me to say that my new P-150(Geezu as i call it) has jus crossed the 2000 mark And still hasnt given me any problems or embarissing moments.
    Secondly, People who are looking fwd to buy this Ultimate mean n manly machine will never get disheartened at ol- Mark my words. Its jus ossom!
    Lastly, Guys who r ownin this Cud u plz tell me how Shud i take care of d color(Mine is Magic silver). It jus doesnt give that shine. Although I wax it every sunday And give it a soap bath.

  18. @The Serious JOKER:
    Hmm.. Last saturday, I reached a new high of 110kmph on my P-150 (with pillion). 132kmph for a 160cc is pretty cool and so is the feature to record the top speed. 🙂 Can you ask your friend the mileage of his bike?

    One word of caution: Speeds don’t matter. Don’t go over the edge and do anything careless. 🙂

    Welcome to the Pulsar Fan Club! 😀
    For your paint, what soap do you use? I’d suggest you use a shampoo – I’m not kidding. Works pretty well to leave a tint of shine; not for long though.

    A mileage of 62 is great. I’d say anything beyond 55 is good. 🙂

  19. @Manoj:
    Yeah …Thanks for the advice dude. It was just once we reached the max..and came back to average. One thind everyone shud keep in mind: Never ever race with ur friends. I have seen many accidents of friends trying to compete with each other. Love ur life, its precious.
    The Apache is giving 1 cool mileage of 45-46, but the problem with this bike is it fails in the 2nd and 3rd gear to compete with a 180..but in 1st gear it just jumps :O and in 5th gear the speed keeps on going and going. By the way the problem with this bike is it vibrates a lot after u ride it at higher speeds continously and has to be sent for servicing every alternate weeks.
    My P180 reached 118 (after 2nd service) in NICE road bangalore.
    Never use any detergent or hard soap for ur bike. It will just cut thru the paint. U first get a teflon coat to prevent scratches. shine will come automatically after that.

  20. hey i have a new pulsar 150 have done bout 1000 km and i have been ridin it on speeds higher than 50 upto 70kmph also is it too bad for my bike?

  21. @himanshu:

    Well, up until you have reached 1000kms, you should have maintained the speed to below 50kmph. But if you haven’t, at least do it now, until you get your first service done. This is only to ensure that the new engine ‘gets into the groove’ and you get much better performance from your bike later on.

  22. hey manoj, I’m a thin guy with a weight of around 50-55 kg and i know driving reasonably well…,driving for the last 5 years(not regularly though.., only when i come home for holls…). Will there be much problem for me to manage this beauty’s (pulsar 150) weight?? I seriously want to add 5-10 kgs under my belt… to buy this mean machine…

  23. @gangtom:
    Well, since you have been riding so long, I’d say you must have no problem. But I’d suggest you borrow a ride from someone you know to make sure you like the feel of the bike. 🙂

  24. @Manoj
    thanx bro! but can i use wax once a week too.
    @The serious joker
    Its gud 4 ur suggestion i hjave the ssame question 2 u “can i use wax once a week too.”or is it bad.

  25. Hi veera,

    Last week I changed the stator plate from the stock one to Avenger 180’s stator and put a Halonix 55/60w bulb( spare bulb from my car set). Gives very good brightness.

    Yesterday while returning from office an Indica was going parallel with me, so I tried to compare the brightness and I realized it almost equivalent!!!!!

    Still, I will be trying out Philips Xtreme Vision or a normal Philips Halogen.

    Till then Bye n Take Care…
    Safe Driving

  26. Hi all………………
    Last month i got new pulsar 150. forget every thing, just feel its, smoothness and comfort, i just enjoid every thing, it give me 55 to 60 i am happy, u know it is my dream bike.

  27. one thing i forget, any one sugest me about……….
    i have black buty so i want to scratch proof, and foreve shining for my big boy what i do for…..sugest me anyone.

  28. and also please sugest me , about its mentanance, what time what i do, every thing. [If u have any dream and u got it after long time on your own money realy u love that thing] i think u all understand what i feel for. so sugest me frnds. . . . . . .

  29. @Pradeep:

    Congrats on your new bike! 🙂

    Well, I’d suggest you get a wax coating done about every 6 months. That will help hide any small scratches which are bound to happen.

    Well, for maintenance, if you have read through the earlier comments, you’ll know that until you have reached about 1000 kms, its good that you maintain the speeds around 40-45 kmph. Apart from that, get it serviced regularly, keep it clean and don’t rip too much. 🙂

  30. Ok thank u Manu…………………

    i will take care of it. . but it tuff that keep this between 60, i will try keep my self cooooooooool safe riding.

    ok dude thanks.

    • Well, when I bought it (Jan ’08) it was Rs. 67,000/- (B’lore – On road). I’m not sure how much it is now. You better consult your nearest dealer.

      As per mileage, I’ve not checked my mileage in some time now. As a rough average, I can say it is somewhere close to 50kmpl. 🙂

  31. Pulsar 150 is it really worthy. Any major prob
    In this bike? Pls reply……. Because i have decided to get this bike.

    • Its worth the money you pay for it. No doubt in that. And there hasn’t been any major problems with the bike that I have experienced or even heard about.

      Go for it. 🙂

  32. Hi everyone.
    I am planning to buy a new bike.As per ur aspects which is the best one,
    which is good both in look and mileage in our roads.pls reply.i have heard different of opinion in any bike i chose. So pls help me……..;-)

Have a nice day

    • @Sandesh:
      Hi! A difference of opinion is natural when there is a wide choice that you have to choose from. I suggest you buy what you think suits you and your style of riding. Short-list a few bikes which you like, test ride them all, then buy the one you like the best. 🙂

  33. @sandesh : Go for Yamaha FZ…if u are comfortable riding it. Otherwise i suggest an Apache RTR FI…it rocks…………It will surely give u a mileage of 40 in city and My Pulsar 180 is sucking in terms of mileage…………..just 33-34 in B’lore…………
    Anyways, regarding the maximum speed ………I took my P180 to 123 kmph……in NICE road bangalore…………..i dont think a Pulsar can catch upto an Apache in terms of Maximum speed.

    • hey dude,
      if u got Ur self a bike,Congrats!.
      if not and Ur more consider about the mileage, then go for Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi.
      i got this baby a month ago.
      this bike rocks in terms of mileage and riding comfort.
      I’m getting 58 Km/L.
      the first millage i got was a whooping 63 Km/L.
      It all matter’s how u drive(i don’t mean to be offensive here),the clutching and the throttle u give matters a lot.
      Driving with too much of clutching and acceleration,the millage drops.
      also there is one more reason i didn’t push this baby above 60Km/H.
      waiting to cross 3000 Km,till then below 60Km/H.

      • If u wanted a mileage bike ..u shud have gone for Splendor or platina…….whats d use of riding a pulsar when u r not accelerating ……
        I own a P180 and i am proud to say i get a mileage of just 37-38 coz i ride it like anything….max i have reached is 126 kmph……and daily i take NICE road to Electronic city and daily i see around 124-125.
        Pulsars are meant for speed not mileage dude :):)

  34. i have purchased pulsar dts-i 150 on oct 14th 2008 now iam facing many problems like engine noise, week rear shocks,week disk break,so i contact the kalyani bajaj b.lore now ia m not having above mentioned problems but 2 days back i found that engine oil is leaking al over the engine and even through silencer so pls replace the engine before i taking the next step ok my contact no;900xxxxxxx.

    Thank you for your comment. But please refrain from leaving your contact info here.

  35. Dude, first of all really cool blog, I am a toddler when it comes to riddin a bike, I just got my new p-150 last week, as per the user s manual, i checked for everythin on the bike, but then there was a problem, the user manual says tht when you inspect thru a small indicator for the engine oil, it must atleast be half full(with the bike on center stand), but in my bike, there s hardly any oil, may b a drop or two, I had called up the dealer, he says, that wudnt b the case, as all the bikes delivered wud have engine oil, can u suggest wat needs to be done???.. wil it cause any harm to the engine if i ride it with so little oil??… n i ve noticed the engine gets heated up as I cover a distance of even 1 km.. is it natural?…or is there a prob??

    • Hey Praveen,
      Congrats on your new bike and Thanks! 🙂

      Oh don’t worry, everyone begins a toddler. And I’m not an expert either. However, your problem seems strange to me. Yes. It is harmful to the engine if you drive ‘without’ oil. And its dangerous to drive with little oil. Because (1) you wont know when its going to get over, and (2) what if the oil is leaking somehow? This is highly unlikely, but I suggest you take your bike to the showroom again and have them check it properly. They have to do this for free since your bike isn’t even a week old! Talk to the manager and ‘screw’ him if he charges you for anything! 😀

      And about the heating problem, it depends on a lot of things. First of, its normal for the engine to get heated to an extent. If you smell something bad, then you rode your bike over 100Kmph or revved it for over 6K RPM. Both of which I suggest you avoid till your bike has run a 1000Kms. 🙂

      Happy riding! 🙂

  36. Hey Guyes………….!!! Please suggest
    I am planning to have a new bike soon .
    After doing a lot of research on Internet ( for Apache RTR, karizma, CBZ extream, Hunk, Unicorn , FZ) I have finally come to either New Pulsor 150 DTS-i or new 180 DTS-i.
    I am little confused abt between these 2.
    The Riding of P180 is little stiffer. The chain is half necked which can cause issues in Rainy reason and produces the noice as well, No kick start…etc.
    But it has the good sides .like Tubeless Tires ,split seats etc….!!
    My Requirments are
    1) Pick up should be best in 150 class
    2) Average should be 45-50 kmpl
    3) stunning looks and Adrenile pick up.
    4) Long term Engine durability and smooth gear shifting.

    please suggest

    • Hey Srini,

      Best of luck with choosing your bike! 🙂

      Well firstly, I haven’t seen the new design of Pulsar180. But the way you describe it, I think they have modeled it like the Pulsar200 (which is a nice thing BTW). If that’s the case, you don’t need to have any doubts about the chain or noises. I have a friend who has a P200, and its a sturdy machine.

      No kick start is a major setback, however, the P200 has never failed there. The self-start works in very cold conditions too. I suggest you talk to the dealer about the pros and cons on this issue. He’ll be able to explain it in more detail. 🙂

      According to your requirements:
      1) “Pick up should be best in 150 class” – Apache RTR (160/180) the pick up is awesome. Drawbacks – Low mileage, seat height..
      2) “Average should be 45-50 kmpl” – Pulsar (150/180) The 150 has a guaranteed mileage of 45+ and the 180 has 40+ 🙂 Unicorn is also good at mileage. I don’t have a huge idea about Hunk/FZ though.
      3) “stunning looks and Adrenile pick up.” Read (1) 🙂 For stunning looks, I cannot have a say. Buy the bike that looks good for your eyes! 🙂
      4) “Long term Engine durability and smooth gear shifting.” – Unicorn, Pulsar, CBZ, Karizma 🙂 All these are good.

  37. I want to know whats is the best speed for changing 1,2,3,4 gears on pulsar 180 or 150…for acheiving good pickups..!

    • It is not exactly the speeds at which you change the gears. Its the RPM. I’d recommend (realizing recently after a friend told me) you shift gears a little below 4K RPM until the 3rd gear at least. The shifts to 4th and 5th gears can be done between 4K and 5K RPM as per your riding style.

  38. Hey Guyes………….!!! i am purchased new pulsar 150dtsi at 19th jan km is 149. tell me the some good suggestion for mantain. Please suggest me.

  39. well ive done 121kmph pillion in p180 n 115kmph in p150…bt ive not ride p200 for a long ride…at single p180 clocks only 127kmph in st road..of nepal i did it in da distance of 900meter….ive reached p150 at 120kmphin da st road…pulsar is not durable bt its long run is awesome…i ve done sharp cornering at da speed of109kmph pillion n its superb its powerful…bt cbz xtreme iz bet in 150cc clas for pick up….except r15…he hehe

  40. well ive not gone for a long n long ride if i get chance to go then i ll surely brk my record

  41. hi friends i am getting new p150 in DAY OR 2 I AM too confused about the color ,yar i love silver color the problem with silver is i heard that it will fade in v.short time ,,about black we have enough black p150`s on road and i don`t know about blue and red

    • Great. There have been a lot of design upgrades on the new P150. Looks much better now. 🙂

      Hmm.. Coming to the choice of color, I’d say its personal – at least for me it is. Its a valid point that there are enough black pulsars already, but if you like it, don’t care, just go for it.

      Silver does fade and starts looking dull after a few months. While blue is good, I have noticed it losing shine as well. Red seems to be the better alternative to black. However, it is as I said, a personal choice in the end. 🙂

      Happy riding. Come back and leave a comment on your experience with the new bike. I’d love to know what all changes they have made. 🙂

  42. I have bought pulsar150 before 1month. Now i am facing a problem that when i ride it in rain (even very small rain) the engine gets shut off. Again i need to try hard to start the engine and i will be only able to ride at low gear and min speed. Then it will run for some distance and shuts off again. In the mean when i try to raise the throttel the engine shuts down.
    [The engine will get off in the similar way that when the engine gets off during reserve(petrol gets empty). ]
    Please give me a solution to get out of this problem and reason for this solution.

    • I’m no expert but I doubt your problem is related to the rain. However if it is, it is serious. Since it has been 1 month, I think your 1st service would be due. Why don’t leave it for service and DEMAND that everything be fixed. Threaten them that you’ll go to the consumer court if everything is not alright. (I know how sad service can be sometimes)

      And once you get the bike back, you can go back to them within a week if you are not satisfied. I suggest you get your bike fixed ASAP.

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