Dark January

The new year’s very first month was a dark experience for my blogging. I’m happy that I at least had the courtesy to wish you all for the new year.

I’ve been doing a bit of work around my websites. But I’m still at square one. There are a lot things that I’ve dug my hands into and I’m unable to make time for every activity. And worse, in the process I’m losing interest in them, which is pretty odd and disturbing. Web designing with ‘hmvrulz’ (http://www.hmv.co.in), a small project (with bright prospects) with bluemistwar, and my own websites! I’m torn between all these and getting irritated with myself.

That apart, I had a wonderful trip to Kollur, Murudeshwar, Gokarna and Yana with family. Enjoyed a lot and hope to post a few pictures very soon. And more importantly, I forgot to blog about my NEW BIKE! I guess I’ll dedicate an entire post for it tomorrow.

Pretty sleepy now. 🙂 Zzz…

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