There’s cheese after all :-)

I thought I’d not write here until exams, but couldn’t restrain myself after I found a one of my answers being selected as the best answer at Yahoo! Answers, I thought I’d post it here. 🙂

Here’s the actual link to the question. (Incase you want to look into other answers);_ylt=AqmN.J9pDY6QVcrF…

The Question:

Which would you prefer in the afterlife?

(1) A street named after you..
(2) A park named after you..
(3) A monument erected for you..

My Answer:

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

LOL! I thought a lot before I answered this one, so here it goes…

If I selected – (1) A street named after you: Well, I would never be able to walk on its sidewalk or even drive on it. So chuck!

If I selected – (2) A park named after you: Hmm… To think of it, this is better than (1) but to think of the fact that I have to bear little kids throw stones at the board which depicts my name… Bah… very bad after-life!

If I selected – (3) A monument erected for you: Nothing lasts for ever… The tides of time tears down even the mightiest of dams. So forget this one too…

If you’d let me choose what should really be named after me, I’d prefer a BAR! Funny? Give it some more thought….

Every person who’d come to drink there, would end up blessing me for time in their life when they forgot all their problems!!! LOL!

Asker’s Rating: 5 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:

I like the idea of having a bar put up in your name. So that even if I’d be dead, people could still come over to Al’s for a pint. What Happy Days those should be.


I’m getting to like the Windows Live Writer. 🙂

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