Belief & Trust

Beliefs make you weaker.

I’ve always quoted this example when anyone asked me the truth of the above statement: Imagine you believe in ghosts. You tend to be afraid of them. And fear is weakness.

I’m somebody who strongly believes in the above statement. I do not know how this belief of mine is weakening me. Probably that’s something I’ll never come to know. One direct effect of this in my life has been that, it takes a lot of time for me to believe in something or someone. Not that I tend to become suspicious or become over cautious, yet I’m not totally at comfort with something I don’t believe completely.

One good thing about this in my life has been that I do not believe anything that I hear. Yes, everything that you hear, is third-party information. (This does not include a person’s views about himself/herself; ’cause no one else knows them better.) It becomes especially hard for me to take it when someone is telling me about someone else. Somehow, I’ve never been okay about discussing people. Well, that’s just me. 🙂


4 responses to “Belief & Trust”

  1. Thats a good quote but it seems it seems like it would be hard to live by. Belief is a Natural human state of mind. But if possible its a good thing to fallow as belief brings allot of baggage with it.

  2. it felt nice to know…. the concept you wrote here, the one i applied to my life, surprisingly, without my notice. it was the time when i believed in everyone that i made close friends… (but dunno hw close/true they consider me to be)…. and nw its hard for me to believe anything/anyone….

    but there is something called heart that brings your mind back to you and keeps your belief in life ticking, though weakly, enough to sustain old relationships and new forebodings….

    so i think i’ll learn to believe in me, and everything, from my life’s story…. and at the same time apply restrictions to hw much i shud with the aid of reference to this blog…


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